It was a very special day at camp today, as the boys of Camp Timberlake woke up to one of the most iconic phrases at camp: “Ha yee, ha yee. Day Joe Boy Cow is it.” It was Cowboy Joe Day, where the whole camp makes a slight change and does everything backwards. That’s right, we talk backwards, wear our clothes backwards, and even go about our day backwards. Upon being woken up an hour later than usual, each cabin is greeted with a variety of loud noises as Cowboy Joe and his crew comes in to deliver “Nut Doughs” (Our pronunciation for the delicious dessert known as “Doughnuts”). Along with Nut Doughs, campers also receive both 2% and chocolate milk, fruit, yogurt, and granola bars.

After the campers finished their breakfast in the cabin, they put on their Tribal Jerseys as it was time to play battleball, the traditional morning activity on Cowboy Joe Day. After both Junior and Senior Camp competed in battleball, it was time for all campers to head on down to their 4th-period classes. After the 4th period, since this summer is a bit different than usual, Senior Cabin Campers went on to their 5th Period class, while Junior Cabin Campers went to lunch. At lunch, all campers were greeted with one of the greatest combo meals: chicken and waffles. Also at lunch, it was announced that the Iroquois won Monday’s evening activity: Search and Destroy.

After lunch, instead of going to rest time, campers went to free time, where they can eat their trading post and do things like a free swim at the lake or playing sports up at the Mark. Following free time, campers went to the best time, rest time! This is a great part of the day where campers can catch up on sleep, read, write to their parents, or think about how great the second half of the day is going to be. After campers got their fair share of rest, they continued their backwards day by going to their 2nd and 1st-period classes, in that order. Finally, after everyone was done with their activities for the day, campers went to dinner where they got to chow down on some delicious BBQ pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese, baked beans, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. At the end of dinner, it was announced that we would play a second evening activity of the day, The Age of Empires after everyone went to the evening chapel service.

Even though most of the camp went through the day completely backwards, we were still able to send out two fun trips. Ben C., Hugh S., John B., Reid S., and Nicholas G. went on a mountain biking trip getting back to camp before the start of dinner. Meanwhile, Alex B., Charles C., Emerson F., Britt M., Gary M., Cort P., Simeon S., Paxton S., Colt P., and Harrison C. went on a whitewater rafting trip.


Thanks for checking today’s blog and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to keep up with all of the exciting things happening at camp!


Carson Hays

Swimming Instructor and Big Piney Counselor.