IMAGE CAPTION – Who nellie!

A new year is finally upon us, and things here at Camp Timberlake are shifting into high gear!

We have the the cabin, Greybeard, pretty much ready to roll (minus some new paint). All of the

property is in a nice holding pattern, and staff are flocking to us like we are South America in the

wintertime. And ohhhhh is it ever wintertime. I am talking cold people! It snowed four inches

yesterday. And tomorrow calls for another four inches. But back to the staff.

Let me give you the list so far: (this is going to blow your mind)

Chris Healy (as of this past week), Steven Menendez (the Prodigal son returns!), Brian Bush (who

has been climbing like crazy), Andrew Geppert (back from two summers ago), Parker Kempf (needs no

explanation), Connor Carrigan (Captain paintball), Stephen Buhrman (oh yes!), Drew Andrews (what a

stud!), Brent Bundrick (Dan, who isn’t coming back?), Lyle Camp (he’s the man!), and last but

CERTAINLY not least (because he is huge) Mike Denoia.

Those on the fence are: Kevin Wolpert, Nathan Mlot, Stewart Knight, Benjamin Garner, Alex

Deckard, George Alread, Matchett Gunn, and a few more that I need to get a hold of. So call each of

them and tell them how much you want them back. While you are at it you can call the ones who are

returning to celebrate with them in their glory!

Your fearless leader!