Work at Timberlake

Hiring staff is the most important thing we do, and we are extremely selective in choosing only the best young men to work at Timberlake. We know that our campers will emulate our staff and it’s the counselors that make Timberlake great. It is their skills that will be the foundation of safety in our programs, their sense of adventure that will inspire boys to try new things, and their Christian faith that will be fundamental in helping our campers grow.


What We Look For

Camp Timberlake is a traditional, family-run, Christian summer camp. Those buzz- words mean we offer a wide range of activities, we operate as an extended community that is close-knit and family-oriented, and that we hire and maintain a Christian staff and environment. We are not a church camp or a sports camp and we love having children from lots of different backgrounds We carefully balance competition and cooperation as well as in-camp and out-of-camp activities.

A Christian Staff

Timberlake staff stand in positions of Christian leadership. As such each must demonstrate a serious Christian commitment, a high view of scripture and an abiding understanding of grace. We also hire camp counselors who are winsome and gentle in the way they care for children from different backgrounds.

As a Christian program, we take every aspect of our camper’s safety extremely seriously, and as such, have rigorous abuse prevention policies in place. You can read all about how we protect our campers here.

A Skilled Staff

We are called to excellence in everything we do. It is also more fun to learn to do things well. As a result we look very carefully at a counselor’s ability to teach their activity. We want wrestling instructors who compete, climbers who lead, and boaters who paddle every chance they get.

A Fun Staff

Children grow at camp more than anywhere we know, and our primary tool for making this happen is fun. This makes us different than almost anywhere else, so we love staff that are always smiling, laughing and giving campers reason to do the same.

Want more details? Get the full scoop on life at camp by checking out our 2024 Timberlake Staff Manual