Staff FAQs

Where will I live?

Staff live in rustic cabins. Each cabin has two showers/sinks/toilets and screened windows. Generally 3 staff live in a cabin of 12-15 campers for the summer.

Wait, no cell phone?

Our campers are technology free for the summer and we want our staff to model that as well. Counselors may use their phone during their time off and in emergencies. Otherwise we unplug!

What does time off look like?

Each counselor gets one full day and one night off per week.

How much do counselors make?

Our base salary for a counselor is $2,400. It includes room and board and there are bonuses available as staff progress through the program/earn more certifications/etc.

Do I have to stay the whole summer to work at camp?

Yes! Our staff commits to attending training week and working all ten weeks of the summer. It’s a big part of what sets us apart as the best camp staff out there!

Can I bring my car?

Absolutely. We have a staff parking lot and many staff members have cars. If you don’t have your car it’s okay though. Time off is scheduled in groups, so carpooling is very common.