Is Timberlake the right fit for everyone?

Camp Timberlake is designed to provide a community where all different types of boys can thrive. Loud and quiet, athletic and artistic, introverted and extroverted, old and new, we see very different campers becoming best friends every summer. We also know that there are some boys for whom camp may not be the right fit.

So who should not come to Timberlake?

  • Boys who are hard on other boys. It’s easy to make friends at camp. The exception is that boys who are unkind can find themselves at odds with the others
  • Boys who struggle in loud social settings. We have a lot of boys making a lot of friends and having adventures all the time and that usually comes with a lot of noise. Boys who struggle with boisterous, busy settings may feel overwhelmed at camp.
  • Boys who isolate themselves from others. Camp is an all-in world. Of course we all need a little time away, and introverts do great, but happy campers always come back and reconnect with their cabins.

A special word on gender

We know that camp age boys have a lot of questions around dating, girls, gender, and related topics. We do not believe that other campers, or even counselors, are equipped to address these sorts of sensitive and deeply personal issues. Instead, they are best discussed at home with parents and family. As a result we ask that campers table these conversations until they are at home. We also use male pronouns while at camp. Finally, as a boys camp, Timberlake is for children who are biologically male.