Why Timberlake?

Every boy is different. Some grow through achievement in their activities, progressing through skill levels, and more challenging rock faces. Others thrive in creative settings, and still others with a new and healthy sense of independence. All of them need the opportunity to just be a boy, to get their feet wet and their hands dirty. At Timberlake, each part of our program is designed with this in mind, as campers develop new skills and discover friendships and a sense of belonging through fun-filled adventure.

Come along on almost any evening to a Timberlake Evening Activity and you will see 16 year olds and 8 year olds playing together and having fun! What you will not see is one or two campers hanging back in the wings, watching from a distance, because everyone is playing.

Freedom to Fail

Nobody wants to fail, ever, and they especially do not want to fail in front of their parents, or the opposite sex. A single-gender camp is one of the only places that children have the freedom to try things that they do not expect to be successful in. The result is that they often discover sports they love and wonderful talents they possess. The freedom to fail is one of the most important parts of our best successes.

Timberlake is designed to be a place that is big enough for boys to walk in and get swept up in the adventure of camp, but small enough for each camper to be individually known and to have their unique gifts recognized by our staff.

John Menendez, Director
for the girls

Merri-Mac: Our Sister Camp

The Boyd family also operates Camp Merri-Mac for Girls on the same property as Timberlake. This allows brothers and sisters to attend programs with the same opening and closing dates, and to occasionally see each other. But the programs are separate enough that if you do not like your little sister you probably won’t have to see her at all.

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