That is right! We are hitting the road to see you guys. Especially during the months of October and November Adam, Anne and Dan travel around the country to show the video to potential camp families, answer any camp questions, and provide a venue for you to remember how cool your summer is at camp! It is kind of like a little camp reunion in your own hometown!

We would love to see you at one of these so here is a list of where we will be during our Fall travel season:

Oct. 4th-Salisbury, NC at the Dees home 6:30pm
Oct. 5th-Lexington, SC at the Johnson’s 6pm
Oct. 7th-Ocala, FL at the Cope’s 6pm
Oct. 8th-Miami, FL at the Dominguez home 4pm
Oct.9th-Boca Raton, FL at the Marano home 3pm
Oct. 10-Naples, FL at the Chur home 6:30pm
Oct. 11- Naples, FL at the Vedder home 6pm
Oct. 13-Tampa, FL at the Skidmore home 6:30pm
Oct. 14th-St. Pete, FL at the Burtch home 6pm
Oct. 14th-Charlotte, NC at the Marks home 6pm
Oct. 15th-Tampa, FL at the Columbus home 4:30pm
Oct. 16th-Acworth, GA at the Sullivan home 4pm
Oct. 17th-Canton, GA at the Murphy home 6pm
Oct. 17th-Melbourne, FL at the Jameson home 6pm
Oct. 18th-UGA staff visit
Oct. 18th-Raleigh, NC at the Carr home 6pm
Oct. 19th-Cary, NC at the Ban home 6:30pm
Oct. 23rd-Dublin, GA at the Gay home 4pm
Oct. 24th-Valdosta, GA at the Tillman home 7pm
Oct. 25th-Columbia, SC at the Mathews 6:30pm
Oct. 27th-Atlanta, GA at the Spicher home 6:30pm
Oct. 28th-Jacksonville, FL at the Huntley home 6pm
Oct. 30th-Asheville, NC at the Vickery home 2pm
Nov. 1st-Cary, NC at the Soeder home 6pm
Nov. 2nd-Atlanta, GA at the Drury home 6:30pm
Nov. 3rd-Durham, NC at the Hight home 6pm
Nov. 3rd-Birmingham, AL at the Garrison home 6pm
Nov. 4th-Birmingham, AL at the Culver home 6:30pm
Nov. 5th-New Orleans, LA at the Rigby home 3pm
Nov. 6th-Nashville, TN at the Hale home 4pm
Nov. 7th-Jackson, MS at the Morse home 6pm
Nov. 7th-Spartanburg, SC at the Ellis home 6:30pm
Nov. 8th-Ridgeland, MS at the Burrow home 6pm
Nov. 8th-St. Louis, MO at the Baur home 6pm
Nov. 8th-Nashville, TN at the Ayers home 6:30pm
Nov. 10th-Jackson, MS at the Lange home 6pm
Nov. 10th-Princeton, KY at the Englebright home 6pm
Nov. 13th-Oxford, MS at the Best home 4pm
Nov.14th-Hickory, NC at the Holtzman home 6:30pm

If you see your town on this list then please give us a call if you want directions to attend. We would love to see you!

Happy Camping!

Director Dan