Hey my name is Chippie and I am a squirrel and Timberlake is my abode, a once sleepy forested camp has turned into a center of fun.  The fun is great for campers but perhaps not so great for me.  This morning I was sitting on my branch near my house and this bugle sounded, and I tell you what, I ‘bout fell off my limb.  Next thing I knew, a fleet of kids commenced to running down this gravel road towards some big house.   This mornings events did not bode well for the rest of my day….

After the kids give a loud scream that near made me jump out of my skin, I lumbered over to another one of my favorite trees.  As I sat relaxing, I heard the melodious sounds of campers singing to their Lord and Savior the Creator.  I have decided this is my favorite part of the day.  I quickly scampered off as the singing ended and started out for some delicious food.  Across the way I thought I sited a big yellow peanut, so I darted out onto some hard turf.  As I did I realized to my horror this was no edible delicacy, it was a tennis ball.   I dodged left and right and made it to the safety of the grass.  I decided I would figure out what the purpose of this ball was.  The campers merely hit it across a net, and as the second turned to minutes I became entranced by this game.  The minutes soon became an hour and I saw two boys being congratulated.  Their names were Pablo V. and Andreas E.; a man stood up and pronounced them the winners of the tennis Olympics of Camp Timberlake.   As I took in this scene I decided I would head to another one of my favorite spots to eat.  It is a nice open field filled with grass, but something was strange about my field today.  These discs with numerous colors baffled me, but I thought little of it.  Then I heard a whizz go past my ear.  A sudden thud as something hit the disc nearest me.  Then I heard another and another and another, I turned to see bows pointed at the disc above me.  My heart leaped from my chest as I focused on the nearest tree.  As I reached it, I chanced a glance back. As I did I was able to see one kid who the instructor called Ian C. landed a magnificent shot hitting the center yellow circle.   Though the sharp arrows scare me, I appreciated the beauty of his shot and found a tear roll down my cheek as I saw the joy in both the instructor and students eyes.

In order to keep from tearing up more I left for a new place to eat.  I found myself walking past a hut with wild colors inside of it. I decided there was no harm in taking a peak inside, so I poked my head in.  What I saw baffled and amazed me.  From the ceiling hung long cylindrical cones and one boy stood out to me among the class.  He was diligent placing pieces on his rocket.   He glued a metal piece to the tail of his cylinder and then rubbed paper against a piece of wood.  The instructor said the boy’s name, Cole K., and he seemed very excited to see this boy work so diligently on something he called a rocket.  Something inside me told me this rocket was not meant for squirrels, so I left in a hurry remembering my recent hunger.

Along my way to another field I saw two more amazing events.  One was a boy acting much like myself and ascending a wall with rocks in it.  He climbed to the point that he climbed and finished the overhang.  It was an amazing site and made me proud to know that I am not the only creature that has the skill to enjoy heights.  His name was Seth H.  The second event I both saw and heard.  It started with a loud BANG and ended with sheer cheers of joy.  A boy held up a slip of paper with holes in it and brandished a gigantic grin.  His name was Christian D. and he had earned his bronze in riflery.

Sweet chords broke the silence that rained from the end of one class of riflery.  As I listened to them I saw to boys: William M. and Thomas L.  strumming two guitars.  The music made me want to sway as I, though a squirrel recognized the tune of “Mr. Jones.”  It was beautiful, so beautiful that it makes a squirrel want to learn guitar.  I finally after listening to the song made it to the second green that I decided I would eat at.  However, this one was more crazy then the first.  There were kids screaming and running up and down the field.  I sat on a boulder watching the scene wondering why they too had a disc.  This one was much smaller, and floated when thrown. I doubt the ones on the other field would be easy to pick up.  This disc the boys would throw and catch.  Eric H. caught a touchdown in this game called ultimate Frisbee.  It was very outstanding.

The day has been winding down. I have finally been able to eat some nuts and relax a little.  As I did I heard a booming voice telling this grand story about two great tribes, then a man stepped up and explained that tonight was Little Chief, and event that works to reward leadership and growth in ones character.  A great man with a head of feathers walked up and read many a list, but each name was honorary.  Some received signatures: Henry H., Hayes L., Jesse C., Elliot B., JB G., William G., Jahkeem A., Ben A., John S., Cody B., Grant B., Hardy D., Ethan D., Charlie S., Jack D., Cody F., Matthew J., Nolan M., Alex V., Pablo V., Grant H., George H., Dane T., Jack W., Eric H., Andres E., Gabriel E., Alex S., Louis P., Clark W., Alex D., Cole J., Cody A., Peter D., and Hughe F.  Also among these names were various promotions as they are called.  For Scout Ian C., Chancellor R., Ford L., and Bennett D. were honored.  Kyle b. and Josh K. received Guide from their counselors.  Brian S. became a Ranger for his hard work.  Josh C., Thomas C., Elliot B., Tim M., Sandy E., Ben C., and Hendrix M. all received a band to wear meaning Tracker.   The title of Hunter was given to Christian D., Joey S., and Will M. The final honor was for Warrior.  Harris C. and Thomas L. received these bands to wear.  All of them were excited to be honored, and everyone else congratulated them.

As I was heading out from this very prestigious moment I heard talk of a shaving cream war and a water slide.  The events excited the kids, but I decided they were not for me at all. I decided I had enough excitement for one day, because I am a squirrel.


God bless,



P.S. since I am a squirrel I had David P.  type out this letter recording my day.