The sun rose over the misty mountains of North Carolina this morning to greet the wonderful place of Camp Timberlake. The day started with a tasty breakfast of eggs, sausages, and biscuits, a favorite for many of the campers. The usual routine of the morning continued with songs being sung in chapel and very inspiring words from the Little Piney counselor, Ethan Mulligan. And then there was cabin clean-up. Oh cabin clean-up, what a wonderful time. These campers impress me daily on how well they can clean, which may surprise you. Activities soon followed and the campers did excellent on those too.

At the lake, Seth H and Eric H worked very hard on their kayaking skills. In tennis, Jackson M won jailbreak. In team sports, Ben A scored an awesome touchdown to win the game. Brian S got his gold in airsoft. Taylor O got his bronze and silver in guitar. There were also a few trips that went out today. Hank B, Joe B, and Hughes F went on an awesome mountain biking trip. There was also a great trip to babel tower. At the end of the day, all the campers and staff gathered to take their picture in front of the dining hall. Teddy O and Hank B won the dollar for best smile.

After dinner, the evening activity was Sock War, one of the most fun nights for the campers. The game of Sock War has been a great tradition at camp for many years. Both tribes face off in a huge battle of capture the flag where all the campers throw their socks at each other.  All and all, it was a great day at camp.


Ryan Walden