So many parents have asked me in recent weeks about camper shoes that I decided to give my personal endorsement for two types of shoe:

1.  Keens.










They can get wet but dry quickly, have a solid vibram sole that surrounds and protects the toes, and they have much better overall support for active camper feet than sandals.  If you are looking to provide your camper with a shoe that is supported like a shoe, but still operates like a sandal, then this is the option for you.

2.  Chacos.










Like the Keen, these also boast a solid vibram sole, are super comfortable, and are the quickest drying of all camp shoes.  It should also be noted that they are the obvious choice of our camp staff.  Probably 89% of them own a pair and wear them daily.  They lack the toe protection that Keens deliver, but are wonderful shoes all around.  Chacos can be purchased with or without a big toe strap and whether you like or dislike this is a hot topic here at camp.

Director Dan