What a great way to start the second day of 2B with a great chapel spoken from the wise words of our very own Dan Singletary.  He read out of Romans 5: 6-8, and gave a humorous story that shows how exposed we are and how Jesus covers that nakedness that is in our hearts.  Aside from chapel we had two great trips go out, a rock climbing trip and a water skiing trip.  The rock climbing crew had a great time at Chimney Rock today which included: Tom C., Frederik E., Chet L., Siddharth N., Liam L., James P., Hank H., and Teddy O.  Many of the campers crushed the 5.9 and 5.7 over hang wall, and all climbed and repelled.  Secondly the water skiers took a trip to Lake James which included: Dash V., Randolph P., Nicolas R., Phillip W., and Damian U.  Damian was terrific at wake boarding.
Since the bell rang that released the campers to dinner, anticipation and excitement for the evening activity has been growing.  What shall be the next step to glory and pride for one of two great tribes?  As Nick B., made the announcement that Ninja Training is the activity for the evening both chiefs knew that this game is vital for a run at the banner.  With only less than two weeks until the announcement of the banner both tribes must not hold anything back tonight. While the Iroquois maintain the lead over the Seminoles thus far, it is still anyone’s game to be won.Back at camp the day was filled with new campers going to their Tuesday classes for the first time.  For the most part every camper is an expert at their respective activities with regards to safety.  But not all was filled with just safety regulations, Emiliano G., JT W., Enrique D., Phillip S., and Walker L. climbed the traverse wall successfully.  In pottery the campers learned how to throw on the wheel and make mugs.  Also in Rocketry all of the campers have been working diligently or started their new rocket projects and have hopes of completing them soon.  Team sports focused on Football and Ultimate Frisbee.


Christian L

Little Piney Counselor