Today began like any other day, with the bugle going off at seven in the morning, but it was evident from the very start of the day that this day at Timberlake was not going to be like any other day. Campers and staff alike jumped out of bed with no hesitation, ready to face the events of the day. Thirty minutes after waking, the men of Timberlake were treated to a favorite meal, French toast sticks and bacon! The dining hall was silent as everyone stuffed his face with the most important meal of the day.


After breakfast, Timberlake convened outside the dining hall, ready to yell. After a glorious speech, the yell started, and everyone screamed away anything that he wanted to. Following the morning yell came Chapel, in which counselor Josiah B.  spoke. He read from Ephesians 2:10 and Genesis 1:26-27 and delivered his message on man being the spitting image of God. That’s some powerful stuff!


After chapel, multiple trips left camp to face challenges outside of camp. Alex S., Gabe V., Cody C., Jack B., Jack W., Garrison B., Michael C., and Ryan C. all left for a climbing trip to the Ice Cream Wall. Archie B., Fernando B., Lawton H., Alejandro L., Jack B., and Danny H. all left for waterskiing on Lake James, and Logan B., James B., Alex G., Henry S., and Roy M. all went on a backpacking trip. It really is incredible to see all these campers push their own personal boundaries!


Next came cabin cleanup, a camper favorite, in which every cabin competes for a pizza party and the “Golden Plunger”, another term for bragging rights amongst the cabins. Then everyone departed the cabins and left for first and second period, ready to face the events of the day.


In the morning, Rob C.  demonstrated his impressive shooting skills in Riflery. Over at the climbing tower up on Spencer’s green, Jack E. belayed all the campers in his class before choosing to climb himself. What a guy! Not too far away in paintball, Thompson B. earned his silver by facing three other campers by himself. That can’t be easy. And over in Kayaking, Trey F. perfected his roll for the very first time.


After the first two activities of the day, Timberlake again convened at the dining hall for a delicious lunch. After much anticipation, the meal was announced and it was pizza! Again, the dining hall was nearly silent as everyone chowed down on every slice in sight. As the meal wound to a close, the announcements were next up, and, just like any other day, cabin cleanup was the major focus. After much suspense, it was announced that Big Slaty had scored a perfect ten out of ten! It was the third perfect score of the summer and I have to admit, this piece of perfection definitely was special.


Post lunch, Timberlake made the march back up the hill for the thirty best minutes of the day, rest time. Both campers and staff took advantage of the opportunity to recharge their batteries and make sure that they were all prepared for their final two activities of the day. After rest time came free time and trading post, traditionally the favorite time in any Timberlake campers day. The rocketry hut and archery range were both open for free time today, and numerous amounts of campers took advantage of the opportunity to earn their bronze, silver, and gold bars in these two activities.


After free time ended, Timberlake left for their activities and were ready to take on whatever the afternoon would throw at them. In Rocketry, James B. earned his bronze and Josh H. earned his silver, while in Canoeing, Alfredo S., Archie B., Herbert D., and Fernando B. all learned excellent communication in a boat. Over in archery, Jack B. and Miles B. both earned their bronze bar. In Swimming, Jacob A., Cole H., and Mason G. learned backstroke today and inched closer to earning their bronze. They’re a lock to get it!


In Climbing, Thompson B. moved one step closer to his silver by learning two knots, the clove hitch and the prussic. Up the mountain in fencing, the campers learned basic blade work taught by camper Brad S. and demonstrated leadership, and in the same activity period, Owen S. excelled at match play. Not too far away, Grant D. put the team on his back and got all of his adversaries out in one game of Airsoft.


After the afternoon activities had commenced, Timberlake again convened one more time for a delicious meal of chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and corn. The dining hall was filled with storytelling and laughing, as everyone told his most amusing stories of the day. Finally, after the meal, the moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived. The evening activity was finally going to be announced, and Program Director Matt H. strapped on the helmet and announced that tonight’s evening activity was Cabin Night!


As I write this, each individual cabin is off bonding and having a fantastic time. In Tomahawk, the youngest cabin, the kids are doing a slip ‘n’ slide and raid the trading post. Tonight, Little Piney is playing some Laser Tag up in the cabin area and then going down to the backpacking hut for some s’mores. Big Piney is having a Mexi-Fiesta filled with chips, salsa, and a piñata, while Stomper’s Knob is having a board game night! Little Slaty is up on Spencer’s Green playing some soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, Big Slaty is playing cards in the enchanted barn then spending the night at the shelter, and, finally, Greybeard is at the kitchen eating pizza and having a Brownie Top Chef contest. Sounds like fun!

Until Next Time,

Charlie Richards

Big Piney Counselor

UGA Class of 2017

Tennis Instructor

Proud Seminole