As the bugle sounded at a premature 6:45 this morning throughout Camp Timberlake, the air was much cooler than usual but the boys were eager to get another day in the books in the summer of 2014. Even though tetherball games had already gotten underway by 7:05 as we can always predict, this day was a bit different because we were welcoming ten brand new campers to Black Mountain as we also said goodbye to a few. All first-year campers, these new Timberlakers learned the ropes and caught on quickly.

As the new guys were exploring camp and already making great friends, our campers that have been here for a little while already continued on with their classes as scheduled. Water skiing was a blast as it always is, and Graham R. had an excellent day on the wakeboard. In archery class, Counselor Tom mixed things up by letting the apprenticing archers shoot balloons opposed to the standard bull’s eye targets!

Leadership is a well exposed tool here at camp in many ways and maybe ways that aren’t necessarily expected. Activities such as canoeing was one of those activities today. William H. displayed phenomenal leadership and caring to his fellow camper during class. Parker had just gotten to camp and went straight to canoeing where William immediately stepped in and taught Parker how to paddle and switch seats!

Unforced leadership is a tough task to match, but when Timberlake starts talking bars, it is a big deal. These bars stick with campers from Tomahawk to Greybeard and beyond that point, on their “skins” forever. In swimming today, Ben N. and Marcos M. both received their bronze bars which is no easy task in activity like that. It was a huge day for bars in rocketry today as well. There was a huge line of at least fifteen future rocket scientists ready to get their bronze, a few silvers and even a gold bar! On the first pedestal for bronze we had successful rocket launches from: Wilson G, Sam R, Trey D, Oran J, Ben L and Jorge M. Awarded silver was Marcelino S and Will C, while Davis M successfully launched his skill level 3 rocket for the first step in his gold! Counselor John H had no such luck as his rocket was worthy of a “Houston, we have a problem.”

In other activity news, according to our amazing soccer instructors, Scott R and Cody S “killed it” in world soccer today. Kayaking was another bright spot on the mountain as James B continues to improve in his craft while getting his roll for the first time! Jack R also shined today in the water as he prepared for his upcoming out of camp trip!

4th period was forgone today as business had to be taken care of immediately for those poor ole pale faces (new campers). Initiation took place in the beaming sunshine around the council ring where ten of our newest friends were welcomed into their beloved tribes. It was a great ceremony to kick off a great week to come for all of our campers.

Following a delicious dinner of chicken fajita tacos prepared by the best kitchen staff this side of the Nile, an old Timberlake tradition continued with the most well-known tribal battle of all took place; sock war. The competition was steep and the winner was tough to determine by the naked eye. Until lunchtime tomorrow, no one will know the winner of an entire point from the war that is going to the banner.

After the war of the socks, post evening activity fun consisted of another Timberlake favorite; s’mores, some laser tag and a lot of bonding time with the bros in the cabins with cards and board games! As the sun set on another day at beautiful Camp Timberlake, it was undoubtedly one of those days to remember when we look back down the road.



Will Hixson

Proud Seminole