Today was not a normal day at Camp Timberlake. It was every camper’s favorite day at Camp Timberlake. Cowboy Joe day. The morning started off with a much needed extra hour of sleep followed by campers awaking to deafening whistles and sirens. Counselors donned in their best backwards attire bust into the cabins throwing nut-dos and cowjuice everywhere. After this quite unusual breakfast in bed, the campers got dressed up and headed down for a morning game of battleball. But again this came with a twist. Not only did the campers get dressed, but they did so wearing their clothes completely backwards.

As everyone walked down for battleball, you could see Andres D. and Connor B. attempting to walk to the tennis courts  backwards. We opted for a more laid back non-tribal version of this camp favorite game considering that is pretty hard to catch and throw a ball while wearing you shorts as a shirt (Perfectly modeled by the always great Andy L.)

Rather than putting out the chaos that is Cowboy Joe day, we decided to just throw some more fuel on the fire by also making today Staff Appreciation day. Personally staff appreciation was my favorite day as a camper. Greybearders get to have a taste of what it is like to be a counselor. They serve the food at meals, teach activities, and even lead devotions for the cabins at night. But I think the Greybeard campers would all agree that the best part of staff appreciation day is the chance to wear their counselor’s staff shirts around camp all day. Staff appreciation day allows Greybearders to really take a leadership role at camp giving them a sneak peak of how great it is to be a counselor at Camp Timberlake.

Despite the chaos of the day, campers still attended their activities and continued to thrive in them. Frederick E. got his silver in paintball thanks to Grant T. who actually taught paintball today. Harris C. was the Greybearder assigned to teach kayaking and boy did he do a great job. Harris helped Tim M. work on his T-rescue, a much needed tool in the sport of kayaking. Klay J. did an exceptional job teaching soccer as Scott S. and Nico L. really showed off their skills in class today.

We had two big trips go out today. A kayaking trip to the pigeon and a fly fishing trip! Seth H. completed his first combat role on the Pigeon and both Eric H. and Bailey M. showed poise and confidence on the river. Kennon S. and Jesse C. both caught wild brook trout and pulled together for really the best Fly Fishing trip of the summer!

Taco in a bag for dinner had the campers jumping for joy. The ingenious idea of making a delicious taco by stuffing taco fillings in a bag of Fritos has always been a camp favorite. The amazing breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts plus Taco in a bag really overshadowed the always underrated lunch of Turkey and Dressing. But all in all camp had a great day of eating.

After dinner, campers surrounded Grant H. as he led the camp in the evening yell. Everyone then headed up to chapel to worship.  Tim M. led the camp in chapel today on his guitar. It is really amazing to see the whole camp rally around a camper as he leads everyone in worship.
The day ended with Great Escape! A tribal event where groups of campers search for counselors who give out clues to the whereabouts of the flag.

Today was an exciting day, full of fun and traditions. The boys will now get a good night’s sleep and rest up for another great day at Camp Timberlake!


Alex Deal

Stompers Knob Counselor