Here at Camp Timberlake, we don’t do mediocrity. Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary. This morning your boys woke up in an exceptional place. They woke up in a cabin with exceptional counselors. They experienced exceptional teaching in adventure sports and activities. They were encouraged to excel, encouraged to reject passivity, encouraged to watch out for their friends. Exceptional is expected at Camp Timberlake. And we’re excited to share with you some of the highlights from the day.


Counselor Brandon got our morning started off right with an exceptionally rousing morning yell in which he challenged the boys to make this day a day which they would long remember. He challenged them to shake off the temptation to coast to the finish line; instead, we were exhorted to take full advantage of our time at Camp Timberlake to make this day, this glorious day in these mystic mountains, the best day of our lives thus far. And that is exactly what we set out to do.


The boys raced to chapel where they were led in worship by the dynamic combination of counselors Josiah and Andrew. After belting out the last few notes of the camp hymn, we were fortunate enough to hear from Adam about how God is the one who provides for us and how He is the only one who can satisfy our deepest desires.

After chapel, many of our future NASA engineers headed to Rocketry to put the finishing touches on their rockets because the last rocket launch of the summer was scheduled for free time today. Based on the appearance of this latest batch of rockets, I’d be willing to bet that a couple of them made it into orbit this afternoon. Elsewhere at camp, wrestlers polished many of their more advanced moves and enjoyed several exciting games of three musketeers where they employed the techniques that they have learned this summer. Others headed to Camp Craft where they were able to partake in another camp favorite, the low ropes course with a side of s’mores. No better way to cap off a summer of backpacking and team building than with sticky fingers and full stomachs.


Spirits were high at lunch today as palates were titillated with the fine delicacies of mini corn dogs and mac & cheese. Nothing like a little protein complemented by complex carbs to keep the boys going strong. And of course, the chocolate chip cookies for dessert were greeted with unanimous approval. After the tables were cleared, our friendly cabin area director, Rusty W, announced the cabin cleanup scores. Little Piney and Tomahawk waited with bated breath as Rusty approached the end of his countdown, hoping that there would be some separation in the race for the pizza party. Tomahawk prevailed for the second day in a row, but their slim margin of victory has left the race dead even between the two youngest cabins. May the best cabin (Little Piney) win!


Knowing that camp is unfortunately drawing to a close, the boys were very eager to finish rest time and earn bars in their favorite activities this afternoon. Paul W and Roth W were both able to achieve a silver bar in Team Sports by displaying a dazzling array of athletic feats involving frisbees, footballs, and foot-speed. Just above the action on Spencer’s Green, Max M, Roth W, Alex A, and Jonah P all earned bronze bars in wrestling. After a successful rocket launch, Nico L, Andy L, and Alex S received their gold bars in rocketry.


Activities resumed this afternoon with campers aspiring for glory at the waterfront. Some kayakers played an intense game of kayak polo while Thomas M, Frederik E, Tim M, Paul W, and Ethan H completed the requirements for their bronze bar. Brian S also displayed proficiency in a number of more advanced techniques to earn his silver bar. The open boaters were equally ambitious, and Malcom R and Geoffrey M got their bronze in canoeing. The swimmers were across the pond, painting a beautiful masterpiece with their masterful strokes on the water. Jake H and Randolph P earned silver, and Alex A and Scott S both met the required times for their gold bars, the first golds awarded in swimming this year! I know that was a whirlwind of accomplishments, but that is just a taste of the kind of growth we have experienced this summer.


As the day comes to a close at Camp Timberlake, your boys are being challenged in an epic game of Battleball (camp’s version of dodgeball). One of our most popular post-dinner activities at camp, Battleball is a game skill, wits, and calm under pressure. Every cabin cheers on their own, and the competition is a veritable dogfight. Every boy has a chance at glory – it is not always the strong that win.


We will try to report back to you tomorrow on the outcome of Battleball, but for now, know that your boys continue to grow alongside their best friends, building relationships that will last a lifetime. And we remind you unabashedly that Camp Timberlake is the best place on earth. Thank you for sharing your boys with us and letting them grow and mature in our camp community.

One day at a time.



Andrew Renshaw