Campers and counselors alike were treated to an extra hour of sleep yesterday, to kick off another terrific Sunday here at Camp Timberlake! Sunday is one of everyone’s favorite day’s at camp, and this edition certainly was right up there with the best we’ve ever had. Everyone was feeling well rested as they made their way down for dinner, where the camp was treated to a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Robert D and Grady R crushed 14 cinnamon rolls between the two of them, attempting to set the all time Timberlake record. After breakfast, the campers headed outside for the morning yell, but this time, with a twist. They were first instructed to perform an angelic harmony, conducted by Counselor Daniel P, which turned into a thunderous yell led by fearless leader, Charlie R. Once everyone had screamed their heart out, it was off to chapel, where it again works a little bit differently on this day of rest.

Each cabin had submitted prayer requests at breakfast, and after everyone sang some favorite camp songs, counselors took turns praying for the individual requests of their cabin. Then it was off to cabin cleanup, where each cabin is working diligently toward the BIG PIZZA PARTY, awarded at the end of every two weeks to the cabin with the highest average cabin cleanup score. The rumor is that GreyBeard, the oldest cabin, is leading the cabin cleanup standings, so parents, those teenage boys can clean! Once everyone was finished cleaning those cabins, it was time for two of the very best hours at camp. In between 10-12, campers have the opportunity to compete in several classic Sunday activities. Those activities are, frog catching, dam building, sandcastle building, fly-fishing, and Sunday at the Masters, Frisbee golf edition.

Unfortunately, the frogs were too elusive for our band of eager frog catchers, however, there was much success to be had over in dam building. The lower cabin boys really took to dam building with a fervor matched only by their love for sock war. Jimbo D, Benjamin L, Bryce B, Charlie H, Thomas I, and many others joined forces to build one of the biggest dams camp has ever seen! Harrison C joined the party by snagging a fish on Lake Doris in fly-fishing. Tom P and Matthew L were all over the fly fishing circuit, having a great time trying their hand at angling.

Once those activities came to an end, campers and staff were treated to yet another camp favorite, fried chicken! The dining hall fell almost silent as everyone was enjoying the great meal the dining hall had whipped up.

After lunch and some fun in free time, it was time for the much-anticipated cookout on Spencer’s green. There, everyone ate their fill of burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings, and just when the day could not get any better, the weekly tribal soccer game kicked off. Jack B, Khari D, Hunter S, James B, and Jack B, were outstanding performers in the match, with Khari scoring two beautiful goals for the Iroquois. It was the perfect way to wrap up another truly magical Sunday here in this incredibly beautiful and special place. Nobody can wait for what the next day has in store!


Brandon Chase,

Program Director,

Article Master.