Another day began as the birds chirped and boys stirred in their beds before reveille. As the trumpet sounded, the boys awoke to the never boring view of Lake Doris and the Blue Ridge Mountains behind. As eggs, bacon, and biscuits were quickly eaten, the boys traveled to chapel on full stomachs. After singing chapel songs, Tyler S. gave a great chapel talk on the topic of “Who is Man?” Although every cabin cleaned passionately before their first activity, only one would be announced the winner at lunch.
In canoeing, boys learned their forward and backward power strokes as well as the skill of changing positions in the boat in deep water. After the lesson, a game of Pirates was played with the red boat of Spencer M. and Jake F. surviving the fleet of pirate ships the longest. Kayaking split into two teams where a hard fought battle of Kayaking water polo was played. Boys gave it their all using skills they had learned such as T-rescues to help their teammates in the game. In swimming class many of the boys attempted to earn bars including John H. and Nick G. who both received their silver bars. Farther down the path around camp boys earned their bronze bards in tennis. Alex R. and Ford L. were two that earned this achievement. Up on Spencer’s green, some of the boys climbed the upper tower, with only a few reaching the pinnacle of it. Harry H. was one of the few brave boys to reach the top, and he did it climbing up the hard face of the wall. Other boys chose to repel off the tower, using equipment to lower them all the way from top to bottom.
The boys were blessed with a lunch of Greek chicken pita sandwiches as well as homemade potato chips and to top it off sugar cookies were served for dessert. These sugar cookies were especially delicious due to the Hershey’s kisses that topped them. When cabin cleanup scores were announced, there was some confusion. It appeared that the winning cabin was actually two cabins tied for first place. Both Tomahawk and Stompers Knob tied for first with A PERFECT 10!!! This impressive feat is rarely seen among cabins. After an enormous roar of cheering from the two cabins, the boys walked up to the cabins for a rejuvenating rest time.
During free time many of the boys decided to work on earning bars in different activities, which made for a busy time. This theme continued during the third and fourth activity. Some of the boys are now very close to earning bars in activities such as Scott R., Blake C., and Charles D., who all are just off from earning the extraordinary gold bar in soccer. Jordan R. chose to enjoy his time in Pottery by finishing up on a great looking pinch pot.
After a great dinner of burrito casserole and chips and salsa, the boys ventured to the tepee where the activity of the night, Ninja Training, would begin. The boys are currently using their ninja skills to try and win the activity and put their tribe one more evening activity ahead of the other in the never-ceasing battle for the coveted banner. Following the game there will be fires set up across camp where the cabins will cook delicious s’mores. As the day will unwind, the boys will rest well knowing that tomorrow will bring just as much, if not more fun than today has brought.

Until next time,

Joey Dean
Big Piney Counselor
Go Iroquois!