Today was an absolutely terrific day at good ol’ Camp Timberlake. It was the newest campers’ first day of classes, which went seamlessly. All of the campers and counselors had a blast in their activities, and are all excited about learning more in each of these activities!
They always say that breakfast is the best way to start the day, and we started it with one of the best breakfasts at camp. All enjoyed the delicious Cinnamon Raisin biscuits. However, today was quite a special day at Camp Timberlake breakfast. Why you ask? Well, one of the grandest delicacies of the breakfast table was served at breakfast this morning. That’s right…CHOCOLATE MILK!!!! It was equally delicious and nutritious.

After a moving chapel and productive cabin cleanup we headed over to the lake, where Willem S. successfully completed his roll in 3rd period Kayaking. Along with working on our rolls, the kayaking classes played kayak polo, which helped the campers to work on their paddling and bracing skills. Just across the lake the Swimming classes reviewed breaststroke and practiced their streamlining skills. Nick G. won the streamlining contest, which all of the swimmers participated in. Witt P. also did a superb job in a swim relay. Just across the lake were our neighbors in the Canoeing class, where Spencer M. and Randolph P. made astonishingly magnificent partners in their canoe!

Just up the hill from the lake on Spencer’s Green we had a thrilling day! Team Sports class worked on basic throwing and catching of an Ultimate Frisbee. Right next to Team Sports, the Soccer classes practiced basic dribbling skills, and then used a scrimmage to work on those skills in the context of a live game. Cole L and Davis M. even earned their bronze bar and Wait M. scored an incredible goal! Over by Spencer’s rock, the Climbing class practiced their skills on some new routes on the brand new boulder and upper tower. Through todays climb, Jack S. was able to conquer his fear of heights by crushing a few of the new routes. They also spent some time practicing their knots, which are essential to a safe climbing experience. Much fun was had by all!

There was also an electrifying waterskiing trip that went out today to Lake James. Marcelino of Stomper’s Knob had quite an impressive run on the skis and was able to stay up for notable amount of time! All the other skiers did phenomenally as well!

Lunch today was a camp favorite, fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ home cooked southern meal? I know I do! For dinner the boys enjoyed a summer classic up on Spencer’s Green, a classic cookout. Burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings…what better way to celebrate an undeniably successful day at Camp? Campers also enjoyed playing ultimate Frisbee, soccer, football, and spikeball after the dinner festivities had come to a close.

Tonight’s evening activity was Inferno. Both the Seminole and Iroquois fought hard, and many logs were earned for each tribe’s fires. Both tribes lead many successful raids, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who emerged victorious!

After the evening activity, Stomper’s Knob, Big Slaty, and Greybeard enjoyed a fantastic free swim in the trusty Lake Doris, while the Big and Little and Big Piney cabins duked it out in some evening Laser Tag! Down by the backpacking hut, the campers of Little Slaty enjoyed making some s’mores, while their good friends of the Tomahawk cabin roasted marshmallows just across the way on the Patti-O.

After a long but exciting day at Timberlake, the campers were ready to take their showers, brush their teeth, listen to devotion, and hit the hay! It truly has been an excellent day here at Camp.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little glimpse at Camp through my eyes!

Until Next Time
Dylan “D Scary” Scaringelli
Greybeard Counselor and Spirited Seminole