Today was another great day to be a Timberlake camper.  While most campers woke up in their cabins, Stompers Knob slept at the shelter and enjoyed devotions and smores by the campfire. Big Piney played games up at Spencers Green and spent the night at the Mark.  Soon after waking the campers walked down to breakfast where the campers enjoyed one of camp’s favorites, French toast sticks.  After eating breakfast Charlie R. led the camp in the morning yell.  When the campers finished the yell the camp headed up to chapel where they sang three worship songs, the camp hymn and listened to Allie G. give a chapel talk.  When she had finished her message the boys headed up to cabin clean up and cleaned.  Though cabin clean up sounds boring but the camp does a good job making it more fun by giving rewards!  This promotes friendly competition good hygiene and of course if the kids win the whole two-week session then the camp throws a pizza party for the winning cabin.

After the kids finished cleaning their cabins the boy’s head to their first and second activity.  These activities will vary from mountain biking to swimming.  During mountain biking today the boys headed up to the berm where they learned how to pump their bike through the pumps an how to take the berm on their bike.  Before class campers looked timid on the berm but after instruction and practice campers like Joe B., Hank B., Tom B., and Jack H. were efficiently riding around the berm and pumping through the berms. Another Activity that campers had fun in today was Paintball.  During class today the kids leaned how to strategically move throughout the course.  After the instruction the kids had a chance to apply their newly learned skills in a match.  During the matches Kennon S. had a really good elimination.  Pottery also had another awesome day Davis B. taught how to make a bowl, during class Philip S. made a great vase.

After first and second periods the campers had fifteen minuets before lunch.  Today the boys had pizza which was again a camp favorite.  Once the kids heard the cabin score ( Little Piney won) and the winner of the evening activity from the last night the kids head up their cabins for rest time and free time

At 2:30- 4:30 the kids headed to their third and fourth activities.  Even though it did rain all of third and fourth that did not stop kayaking and canoeing from having fun.  The canoeing classes learned how to unswamp canoes (David S. did it so well that there was no water in the canoe.)  In kayaking the kids learned t-rescues and played polo in the rain.  While some activities enjoyed the rain Rocketry enjoyed it from inside the rocketry hut where they learned how to built rockets.  Today Patrick P. finished a level 1 rocket while Jack started a spare part rocket.

After third and fourth the boys had lo mein and eggrolls at dinner. Then headed up to battleball at 6:15.  After battleball the boys will do post-evening activities with their cabins and head towards bed.


Counselor Joe Boyd