Another day at camp has come and gone, and what a day it was! The morning started with baked oatmeal, bacon, and blueberry muffins at breakfast, and soon after we were in chapel listening to Austin S speak on “who is man?” After chapel, the boys worked hard cleaning their cabins–hoping to inch closer to the coveted pizza party prize. Activities started soon after, and lots of guys spent the day progressing in their bar achievements.

In kayaking, Joe B, Sean G, Jack H, Kennon  S, Ty M, and Zeb H all got their bronze bars, while Ford L got his silver bar! On the soccer field, Matthew D got his silver, and Will K got his bronze. Soccer plans to take a trip out of camp tomorrow to play indoors in Black Mountain! At the archery range, Brian S got his silver, and Hank R got his bronze bar. In Climbing, the boys were learning about climbing gear, and learned how to place cams in cracks at the lake, and Brandon P demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the climbing gear.

After morning activities, we ate a delicious meal of mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese while we learned that the Iroquois won Aquafest last night! After lunch and rest time, it rained HARD for an hour, but that didn’t stop a group of guys from practicing their fly-fishing casts at the lake! Also at the lake, surfing lessons took place, and counselor Carter B caught his first fish on the fly rod! A baby bass!

Afternoon activities were just as exciting as the morning’s. Pottery began glazing their creations, and the kiln will be running tonight. Joe B taught his swimming class proper butterfly technique, and Nicholson B earned his bronze in tennis class!

Tonight, the boys are competing for their tribes in the classic game of Dutch Auction. They’ll bring random items to The Mark and act out scenarios for a panel of judges! After, the cabins will split upfront their respective “post evening activities,” then it will be time for showers and bed! With session 3A coming to an end, we still continue to have lots of fun here at camp!


In Christ,

Ashton Clark

Tomahawk counselor