It was a beautiful Thursday at Camp Timberlake. The morning started off with revelry and a delicious breakfast of French Toast sticks and sausage and the announcement of the best day at camp…TRIBE-A-PALOOZA! We kicked it off with a classic game of Sock War and then moved in to a new camp favorite, PIRATE BALL! Soccer took their first trip of the summer with Hank R, Jack D, Mateo A, Jake L, Matthew D, Ben A, Nicholson B, Christian S, Beau A, Jack G, Jack W, and Charlie W to the Grey Eagle to play a few games of indoor soccer. Fly fishing took a trip to Davidson Creek today and fished it dry thanks to Sam H! Everyone had an awesome time. We rounded out the evening with Little Chief and and epic game of Commando. During Little Chief, commendations and promotions were given out to guys that show a little extra heart for camp and for each other.


Will G and Patrick M

Little Piney
Charlie W, Mason J, Jake T, Jack G, Alex W, and Rees R

Big Piney
  Will Henry A, Davis M, Noah W, Blake W, Mitchell G, and Drew S

Stomper’s Knob
Charlie S, Will F, Matthew S, Chancellor R, and Bennett B

Little Slaty
  Archie D, Parker C, Nathan M, and Jake L

Big Slaty
Brian S, Joe B, Ford L, Conrad A, and Bennet D

Grey Beard
Will G, Matthew J, Colby F, Ben A, Dane T, and Joe V


Patrick P, Drew S, and Mitchell G

Will G, Matthew D, and Will Henry A

Logan H, Bennett B, Alex N, Riley P, Chancellor R, and Will F

Brandon P, Enrique D, Josh K, Conrad A, Sean G, and Joe B

Will K

Matthew J and Will G

Congratulations to all the guys that got these commendations and promotions!

Evan Spurgeon

Little Slaty Counselor
Kayak Instructor
“War Eagle”