Today was an awesome day in and out of camp! Colby F, Daniel L, Chase R, David T, Tom M and Thomas W. went fly fishing on the Davidson River and caught tons of fish! Harper C, Frederik E, Hank H, Alex A, Dubose T, and Logan B went water skiing on Lake James and Frederik killed it. In soccer Gresham C scored a hat-trick and the winning goal in 4th period. Joe B beat the entire swimming class today in a relay! Hank B, Daniel Y, and Jack D went on a climbing trip to the North Face of Looking Glass and all crushed it. Tim M, Tom C, and Tom B went on a mountain biking trip today to Dupont National Forest and had a blast ripping it up and swimming at Hooker Falls. Big Piney got a perfect 10 today in cabin clean-up for the second day in a row! We played an awesome game of The Great Escape to finish out the night. I love camp.

Evan Spurgeon

Little Slaty Counselor
Kayak Instructor
“War Eagle”