After a relaxing Sunday and yet another cool night at Camp Timberlake, the campers arose to the sound of reveille and headed towards breakfast. The boys were greeted by a hearty breakfast of French toast and bacon before starting the day.

The campers went outside and did the Morning Yell, then ran their way up to chapel to sing some songs such as the well-loved “Banana Song” and “As The Deer”. They then heard a message from the Bible from our counselor Max H. before rolling into cabin cleanup and heading off to the morning activities.

Up at the archery range, Bryan S. shot some stunning groupings, and made his way 2 targets closer to the gold bar. Down at the lake, Duncan S. and Will G. practiced and executed a perfect deep water rescue in canoeing class. Nearby, practicing on trees and standing on the ground, Daniel Y. and Dash V. tied some climbing anchors and learned more knots necessary to secure a top-rope anchor, both of them getting closer to earning their gold bars. Down in the Enchanted Barn, the boys in pottery class were learning the basics of glazing, and were able to glaze their very own pinch pots that had just come out of the kiln.

At lunch time, there was no shortage of excitement over the Stromboli that was served. Everyone ate to their heart’s content and then some, and went off to rest time with full stomachs. The campers took a short but much-needed break from the days activities before jumping straight into free time. Some of the boys played Thunderball, others battled it out on the Tetherball courts, and almost everyone got some candy from the Trading Post. Also during free time, Nick G. hosted a fencing tournament up at the Mark, in which Jack G. took the victory. David T. also earned his silver in fencing today.

The afternoon was just as eventful as the rest of the day. Near the top of the hill and around the Mark was a busy place. On the wrestling mats, both Lucas Z. and George R. earned their bronze bars. Nearby in the woods, Enrique D. earned his gold bar in airsoft, the first gold bar all summer! Farther up the trails, mountain biking was tearing it up on the pump track. Geoffrey M. got better in his downhill position and continued working on the new table-top.

Dinner was another crowd-pleaser – chicken fajitas and chocolate churros. Then came the evening announcement…the crowd went wild, the Man in the Helmet ran laps around the dining hall and then screamed out “Ninja Training!” and the crowd went ever wilder. The campers went up to the cabins to change, and then played the epic and sneaky game of Ninja Training. They avoided stingers, organized group raids, and even had to decipher where the correct secret bases were. After the game was over, campers joined up with their cabins for various activities such as laser tag and cooking s’mores. Sufficiently tired from the full day, the boys went to bed and rested up to get ready for Tuesday.


Counselor Davis