Today was a bittersweet day at Camp Timberlake. Not only was it the last full day of camp for the 3rd session, but it was also our last full day of camp for this summer! The day started off with our campers getting to sleep in an extra hour and then were awoken to the smooth melodies of Kenny G and RANDOM DONUTS! After our helping of donuts and smooth jazz, the guys were treated to a fantastic chapel led by counselor Brandon C. Brandon answered the question Who is Man? and how that fits into the story of the Bible.

After chapel, we found out that today was Tribeapalooza! This is a day where we ditch the usual activities and play evening activities all day long. So the men headed on down for an awesome game of Sock War! Before Sock War a few guys hit the Tomahawk trail on a trailride with the horses. Those guys were Cole S., Sam H., Alex S., Phillip S. and Chase R. Following Sock War, we had a scrumptious lunch of pizza and cookies!! At the end of lunch we found out that Big Piney came out on top as the champions of cabin cleanup.

Next, we skipped our normal rest time and headed straight to Lake Doris for some Pirate Ball! After that we headed to the cabins for rest hour and free time. Dinner was splendid and consisted of beef, potatoes and broccoli, with brownies for dessert. Following dinner we had our Final Campfire and Little Chief ceremony. Grant H. Seth H. and Hank B. received Little Chief and the rest of the promotions are as follows:



Gus R.

William E.

Ryland K.

Jonathan H.

Gresham C.

Cooper B.

Bennett P.

Thomas S.



Sam H.

Finley B.



Connor B.

James W.



Edward C.

Chase R.

Drake D.

David T.

Daniel L.



Alex N.

Daniel Y.

Harper C.

Tom B.



Thomas C.

Joe B.

Tim M.



Kennon S.

Ben A.

Zander Z.


This was also the time where all of the guys shook the hands of each and every counselor and said their final goodbyes. The night is not over however, as we look forward to one last activity…COMMANDO!


This has been an amazing session and summer at Camp Timberlake. We hope that many of the young men that have walked these hallowed grounds had life changing experiences and adventures this year. I personally cannot wait to be back next summer for another great adventure at Camp Timberlake.


Growth through friends and adventure

Counselor Max H.


Little Slaty