DSCN0301When you found this article, you were probably looking for a yes or no answer, right? However, it’s impossible for anyone besides yourself and your child to make this hard decision. Here at Camp Timberlake, we start accepting campers once they turn seven. For some people, sending your son to a Christian camp in North Carolina at age seven is a scary thought. And for others, they might be completely ready for this opportunity. But how exactly do you know if your son is ready to start spending their summers away at camp? Here are a few ways for you and your child to decide whether or not he is ready to spend a summer at camp!

  • Has your child ever spent a few nights away from their house or away from you? How did they respond to this change? If your son has attended a couple of sleepovers or spent some nights away from home and felt comfortable rather than homesick or upset, that is a good sign your son is probably ready for a summer at Camp Timberlake. Leaving home and spending a summer away from family and home can be a scary experience, so make sure to talk about how they might feel and that it is their choice.
  • Is your son prone to feeling homesick? We’re not talking about the normal homesickness that everyone feels when he may feel when he’s been away from home for a couple of days. We’re talking about feeling homesick when they get dropped off at school for a couple of hours, or if they have trouble leaving your (the parent’s) side. This might be a sign that your child is not independent enough to go away to Christian camp this summer. But remember, feeling homesick at Christian camp is completely normal and happens to most of our campers, so don’t be alarmed if you get a phone call or letter home where your son misses home. It happens to everyone!
  • The best source to go to when it comes to this decision is the Christian camp staff. Find out if you can speak with one of the counselors or the camp director. It’s likely that they have had a ton of experience with this topic and will hopefully have some advice.

If you are interested in the best Christian camp in North Carolina for your son next summer, then call Camp Timberlake at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds today!