Austin and Tyler Snively are two of our counselors/fishing guides over the summer here at Camp Timberlake.  They began learning to fish as young boys in Winterhaven, Florida (primarily bass) and picked up fly-fishing for trout in the mountains very quickly as campers.

We do most of our trout fishing on the Davidson river, which is one of the only mandatory catch and release rivers in western NC.  It is because of this, that the fish there have the opportunity to get very big.  It also means that they have the opportunity to get very smart because the older fish get wiser as the flies float past them!  This means a well-trained guide is necessary.  Fortunately, the Snively brothers are Timberlake’s keys to success!

If you are interested in your son attending a fly-fishing trip this summer, make sure to either check the appropriate box on the online activity selection page or just give us a call.