Great question!  A lot actually.  We have been on the road a bunch for both camper and staff recruitment.  So far for staff we have visited Vanderbilt (twice), Washington and Lee (twice), UVA, Ole Miss, Clemson, App State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Grandview University, Morningside College, Dort College, Northwestern College (the last four are in Iowa if you are curious), University of Florida, Goeorgia College, UGA, Virginia Tech, Montreat College, Bethel University, Northwestern University, and Western North Carolina.

For campers we have been in around 60 homes so far with more to come in January.

So lots of travel, but we also are in construction mode for the summer.  There are various maintenance upgrades like new concrete steps below the Mark, but our newest addition is an outdoor cooking class out behind the Wishing Well.  Boys have asked for a cooking course for the last four years and we are so happy to finally be able to offer it!

We built a pavilion out on Macky’s green that will be used for check in/out as well as camp activities.

Oh, and we also made tribal shirts for Christmas that you should order!  See the above photo.  Go Iroquois!