IMG_7846Campers awoke to a beautiful morning here at Camp Timberlake, expecting today to be just like any other day at camp. Sure, it was the last day for many of our boys, but still, it seemed to be shaping up as a classic Timberlake Day. But, that presumption could not be further from the truth! For today, was TRIBE-A-PALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZA!! Tribe-A-Palooza is a day like no other here at camp—instead of having our normal daily activities, we play Camp-Wide “evening activities” all day long! It is a super fun special day that only happens once a session. We started off strong with a great game of sock war where the Seminoles and Iroquois clashed for the first of what would be three times today. Henry M. and Billy B. led their tribes to glory in a game that featured the Seminoles taking the flag three times. Tommy B. and Avery S. played a great strategic defensive game for the Iroquois while the Seminoles, led by Henry B. and Jack B., consistently attacked the Iroquois base.

While sock war was going on, there were a couple of trips taking place outside of camp, among them a great kayaking adventure down the lower green river. Archie G., AJ R., Carlton W., and Mason B. crushed it down the river, with Archie and Carlton successfully completing the very difficult combat roll.

Back at camp, the buzz of tribe-a-palooza was palpable in the air after sock war and we rolled right into some great games of BATTLEBALL! Battleball is so incredibly fun and the boys had a great time playing their hearts out for their tribes. Justin A. had an unbelievable sequence of plays for the Iroquois that got the crowd up on its feet as he single handedly took down 7 Seminole players.

During free time today, Jimbo D., Clark D., and Cort P. displayed their creativity and built some awesome paper boats that they proceeded to float down the waterfall beside beautiful Lake Doris. After free time and battleball, we had a great dinner of BBQ and then it was time for Little Chief.

Little Chief is an extremely important part of each boy’s camp experience as we get to recognize the boys for all of the diligent work they have put in over the last two weeks. We are extremely proud of each and every camper here as they have all brought a unique skill set to camp and have each added so much to everyone’s experience. We were thrilled to be able to recognize many campers who have accrued enough marks to earn promotions in the Little Chief system.

Here is a list of all the campers that earned new ranks and what those ranks are:

Scout: Henry H., Ryan C., Connor S., and Tyler F.

Guide: Eli C., Elliott J., Scott K., Garrett S., and Brent S.

Pioneer:  Mason B., William B., Nate S.

Ranger: Hugh S.

Tracker: Riley D., Avery S., Carlton W., Archie G.

Hunter: Carter S., Colby S.

Warrior: Gabe V.

Pathfinder: Henry S.

We were also very excited to announce the commendations from each cabin that can be earned from the camper’s peers through camper commendations or from their counselors through camper commendations. These commendations are a very big honor and we are so proud of each boy that received them. Those campers are:

Tomahawk: Counselor- Leyton H.

          Camper- Ren G.

Little Piney: Counselor- Jimbo D. and Elliott J.

          Camper- Elliot J. and Brent S.

Big Piney: Counselor- Ryan C. and Hugh S.

      Camper- Ryan C. and Mateo J.

Stompers Knob: Counselor- Teddy O.

          Camper- Reynolds J.

Little Slaty: Counselor- Chuck H. and Mason W.

          Camper- Henry B. and Carter S.

Big Slaty: Counselor- Jack B. and Aidan K.

          Camper- Jack B. and Thomas W.

GreyBeard: Counselor- AJ R. and Henry S

          Camper- Henry M. and Avery S.

After Little Chief we all played a super intense game of Commando, which is essentially the craziest water balloon fight this side of the Mississippi River, and then it was off to bed so our boys could dream about the day that it was and dream about what next summer will bring.

Signing off,

Brandon Chase

Program Director

Tar Heel

Proud Seminole