The sun arose on the beautiful Camp Timberlake today as campers awoke to the savory smell of breakfast pizza. Please note that breakfast pizza is no ordinary pizza. In fact, it is our kitchen staff’s own deliciously mind boggling creation that consists of pizza dough topped with cheese, eggs, and sausage.  After this scrumptious breakfast, campers gathered on the back lawn to perform one of Camp Timberlake’s most honored traditions: The Morning Yell. Counselors Max Hartman and Jackie Lin led the campers to louder than a thousand horses stampeding across the mesa. It was truly an awe-inspiring experience.

After The Morning Yell, campers enjoyed the true story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection told by Counselor Austin Snively. Then, cabin cleanup commenced where Tomahawk wowed the competition with a perfect 10! Stompers Knob was not too far behind though with a 9.75. The Golden Plunger is on the line tomorrow. Who will win the prestigious title for the best cabin cleaners? The plot will only thicken in tomorrow’s results.

Morning activities commenced as canoeing played an intense game of dodge ball to practice deep-water re-entry.  Grady R. and James D. ducked and dodged their way to success in this intense matchup on the open seas of Lake Doris. Meanwhile, the kayaking class worked on rolls and played kayaking water polo.  Team Aggressive Paddlers led by Khari D. crushed the opposition in a match of pure adrenaline.

Before anyone could blink their eyes twice. 11:30 arrived and thus time for another magnificent lunch in the Tucker Inn. Campers and counselors alike scarfed down mini corndogs galore while mac and cheese was used to wash it everything down. The finale to the epic meal was a delicious batch of rice krispies treats. Afterwards, the dining hall erupted in a resounding chant of “Thank you kitchen!”

After lunch came the best time, REST TIME. Rested and restored, campers set out to experience adventure for an hour and a half during free time. The Trading Post provided sweet and sour snacks for campers to enjoy. Also several activities opened for campers to earn their bronze, silver, and gold bars. Haze M. earned his gold bar in tennis while Alex P. expertly shot his way to a bronze bar in archery.

As the sun continued into the western half of the sky, daily activities resumed as Thompson Beavers would receive his gold bar in riflery during class. Meanwhile Thomas H. would host a fencing tournament attracting the best swordsmen that Camp Timberlake has to offer. During fencing class, Nolan R. and Mac K. would battle their way to bronze bars as well.

Soon dinner would commence, as it was Chinese night at Camp Timberlake. Teriyaki chicken, fortune cookies, and rice were savored. But then came the favorite part of everyone’s day, the evening activity that was… The Great Escape! Mystery and clues enveloped the search for the hidden flag.  Results of this epic quest will be released tomorrow.

Overall it was a fantastic day. Now the time has come to rest our heads. Goodnight Camp Timberlake.

Zach Taylor

Stompers Knob Counselor

Tennis Instructor