DSCN4699The boys woke up to the sound of the morning bugle and headed down to tucker inn wiping the sleep from their eyes. The smell of coffee cake filled the air. The boys all hurried down in excited to see what the day had in store. The day started off great with an amazing chapel from counselor Ryan Nick over Proverbs 3:5-6. After chapel the boys headed back up to the cabins begin the morning cleaning competition. Once the boys finished cleaning, the trips for the day began to depart.

The kayakers headed out to the Tuskegee River. On the trip was Will C., Jake L., and Scott R. All of the guys had a great time on the river and got to use the new techniques they had been learning in class. Climbing also left early this morning to Rumbling Bald. On the trip today was Ford L., Bryce B., George C., Jordan R., Henry T., and Adam V. The goal of this trip was to give the guys the chance to work on their bouldering. Last but not least, we had mountain biking. The bikers included Blake C., Josh B., and Marcelino S. They shredded many trials and had an amazing time in God’s creation.

Back at camp the activities were in full swing. Team sports had a great day up on Spencer’s Green playing advanced ultimate Frisbee and learning new techniques and strategies. A little further down the mountain tennis had a great day out on the courts working on forehand and backhands and playing some awesome games. While some guys played tennis, others learned how to use water filters and camp stoves in backpacking. They made hot chocolate using filtered creek water that they gathered from camps creek. Today for lunch the kitchen prepared us chicken patty sandwiches and Mac & Cheese.  After some much needed rest the activities picked back up. During Airsoft, Trey F. and Rob T. did great and remained undefeated as a team. After a day of exciting actives, the boys headed down for yet another amazing meal from camp’s awesome kitchen staff.  A few updates about last night’s evening activities: Winning ultimate basketball was the Iroquois, and winning capture the flag was the Seminoles. Tonight all the cabin will be competing in inferno. For post evening activity the boys spent the night back in cabin making friends and growing closer as a cabin while having the time of their lives.

Matthew Chambers

Little Slatey

Fencing and Wrestling