Dear Parents,


We are off to a great start to session 2B here at Timberlake! Today was an action packed day full of fun times and new friends. Our boys started with the swim test, participated in Tribal Initiation, and played a swashbuckling game a Pirate Ball for evening activity. Pirate ball is one of the most popular games here at camp and it involves canoeing, kayaking, water polo, rafting, swordfighting (fencing) and treasure hunting all, of course, set around beautiful Lake Doris to the sounds of Pirate music. As I type this, our younger boys are getting ready for bed and some of our older campers are enjoying time together out on the porches of their cabins. It is wonderful to them them already forming bonds within both their cabins and tribes here at camp.


At Initiation each new camper joined one of the two great tribes at Timberlake, the Seminoles and the Iroquois.

Our new Seminoles are:


Graham Wilde, Ben Reed, Gavin Wilde, Wesley Bostick, Paul Reed, Davin Hyche, Rich Johnson, Mateo Cristiana, Paolo Cristiani, and Will Richardson


Our new Iroquois are:


Timmy Mitch, David Gaines, JT Harrell, Miles Scharf, Preston Cate and Cooper Eddleman.


Thank you so much for sharing your sons with us this summer. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of young men, and to see them continue to grow and discover the ways that God has uniquely gifted each one of them. We have a great session ahead of us and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on each day’s activities.


Happy Camping,


John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake