_46A8949Sundays are special at Camp Timberlake. They move at a different pace and have a schedule that is perfect for building friendships and having fun and adventures.  Each Sunday campers have a blast participating in exciting free time activities like dam building in the creek, catching frogs, fly fishing in Lake Doris and building sand castles. Today, the team of Mitchell G, Andrew S, Sam A, Jack G and Cole S won the coveted title of dam building champions!

On Sundays, activities are open for campers to work on their skills and achieving bars. Various activity message tournaments are hosted as well. Today, Shawn G won an incredibly close fencing tournament today.  Also on Sundays, we have Vespers, an incredible time of singing, music performances, skits and an inspiring talk. It was so much fun tonight!

For dinner, we enjoyed an awesome cookout and a tribal soccer game to between the Seminoles and Iroquois. The Seminoles won the soccer game today in a closely matched 1-0 victory.

So thankful for another incredible day at Camp Timberlake!

Dave J