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Today at Camp Timberlake was nothing short of exceptional! Campers were awoken by the aroma of cinnamon rolls wafting from the dining hall, as they meandered in for breakfast this morning. But this morning was an especially significant morning for new campers; the young men who were initiated last night became full member of their tribes after sleeping in their paint! Returning campers rushed to the chapel to try to get the best seat for the Ugliest Camper Competition.

The Ugliest Camper Competition has been a Timberlake tradition since the early days of camp. The ugliest camper is determined by the camper who still has the most paint on his face from the night before. Campers yells are measured by our digital scream-O-meter. Magne K. took the competition by a landslide this morning, nearly breaking the scream-O-meter.

After the ugliest camper competition John Menendez, our camp director, delivered a moving message about the power and majesty of God and how we have to trust God. This message was crucial for campers to hear for the first day of activities as they will be growing through new friends and adventure. Today, more than ever, campers are challenged to grow and succeed in a new place.

The campers quickly moved to the cabins after chapel for cabin cleanup with high hopes for winning the cleanest cabin at lunch. Campers also received their daily activity schedule for their four daily activities. Campers promptly cleaned their cabins and headed to activities.

Between cabin cleanup and activities Pablo D., Harper C., and Daniel Y. returned from an epic two night backpacking trip that started at Mt. Mitchell and ended at camp.

Activities were especially exciting today as they were filled with new friends and adventure!

Joe V. crushed it in Tennis today, improving his backhand and forehand tremendously.

Fredrick E. and Jack D. killed it in kayaking today, nailing their rolls. Jack M. also learned his wet exit today.

In swimming, the whole class played water polo, practiced freestyle, and worked on their dives.

In climbing today Cole S. got his bronze, and Zander Z. cleared most requirements out of the way. Tim M. also started his silver in climbing.

As archery began this morning, archery instructor Austin Snively, challenged every camper in class. For every bullseye that was shot Austin had to do ten pushups. By the end of second period Austin had to do well over 200 pushups. Also, Alejandro P. learned how to shoot in archery for the first time today.

Phillip S., Andres D., and Dash V. all learned to throw on the wheel in pottery today and kept their pieces to be dried and fired.

Jonathan H. dominated a three versus one in airsoft today with only a pistol!

Michael F. and Joe V., both led their cooking groups in making cookies and snickerdoodles this morning.

Henri FP. led his team in soccer this morning with the game winning goal!

Possibly the most important note of the day is that Director John Menendez and Brandon Chase, the Sultan of Fun, crushed all challengers in Spikeball, securing their spot as kings of camp.

As the evening closes and our two mighty tribes are competing in El Presidente, we are reminded by the mystic loveliness that veils our camp how great our God is and how His mercies are renewed daily.

Tyler Snively

Big Slaty Counselor

Riflery Instructor

Fly Fishing Extraordinaire

Clemson University class of ’20

Mighty Iroquois