_46A3862After a much-needed rain last night, the campers awoke to a morning of “Mystic Loveliness” that veils our mountains here at Camp Timberlake.  The young men of Tomahawk and Little Piney raced down to the dining hall for a chance to ring the bell at the Big House while the rest of camp found their way down to dine upon a filling breakfast of oatmeal, peaches, and sausage. Shortly after, trips of Fly fishing and water skiing gathered on the porch ready to rock and roll.

Next, a thunderous shout erupted as the men of Timberlake declared: “WE ARE HERE!” during the Morning Yell right before they ran up to chapel.  After we made a Joyful noise unto The Lord, counselor Charlie R. shared a chapel message, which revealed our need for God’s grace in our lives, and how He conquered the ultimate obstacle of sin and death for us on the Cross. Following Chapel was our daily pursuit of the Golden Plunger (a.k.a Cabin Clean Up). All of the cabins gave a fierce effort with the top three spots going to:

1) Tomahawk, with a perfect 10

2) Graybeard, with a 9.95

3) Big Piney, with a 9.75 (and the only points off were in the counselor section!)

At 9:30, it’s off to first period activities for working on bars and growth through friends and adventure! Cooking made “delicious” banana and pumpkin bread, while Sam H. and Alex S. opened Creek Water Café by filtering creek water and making hot chocolate with it using camp stoves. Excelling in their activities, Henri F-P. and Alex R. both garnered a bronze bar in Archery. When second period rolled around at 10:30, excitement and achievements continued. A persistent and motivated Joe B. worked on basketball requirements until he earned his Gold in Team Sports. The Fly Fishing trip went very well as the young men caught 16 trout! Alex D., Clark W., and Dash V. all caught great wild trout. And Chase R. even caught one of his  4 fish on a fly he had tied himself.

After the morning activities, a hungry group of young men rushed to the big house where they feasted on a camp delicacy—CHICKEN PATTY SANDWICHES! Sweet potato fries and ice cream bars for dessert accompanied this camp favorite. Announcements began with the always intense cabin clean up contest followed by the announcement of Team Sports, Climbing, and Archery free time openings which were met with shouts of acclimation and applause.  And now for the best time! Rest Time! After their thirty-minute naptime, everyone was eager to get their trading post and it did not take long for a line to amass across the volleyball court. Snackage was consumed and tetherball was played, but both were over shadowed by a plethora of boys working hard on bars in their activities. AJ C. earned a bronze in archery while Jonathan H. and Heri F-P. gained marks for Climbing bars. Michael S. and Gavin had a great tennis match out on the courts as well.

As the bell rings, boys scatter to their third period activities. Swimming had a great class followed by a free swim, while Eli M. got his T-rescue in Kayaking. And in fourth period paintball, Ben A. sniped CIT Seth H. from across the course right as the game started! Sam H. had a great day in mountain biking working hard n technique and “shredding the gnar” as our bikers like to say.

Next came dinner and a show!  The boys dug into a wonderful meal of pork tenderloin and cheesy potatoes with an Oreo pudding dessert—which Fredrick E. really enjoyed! Hilarity ensued as supper was quickly followed by a skit put on by several counselors that included karate and failed magic tricks. And then came the loudest and craziest announcement of the day—the Evening Activity. As the boys shouted, stomped, and cheered, our Sultan of Fun Brandon C. ran around the dining hall in his trusty helmet and eye patch. As the crescendo grew, he jumped off a bench to announce that we would in fact be playing PIRATE BALL!!! Shouts of excitement could be heard all the way to Spencer’s Green. After the hard fought battle that consists of water polo, treasure hunting, and the vicious Krakens, the boys spent quality time with their cabins playing games and raiding the trading post. Eventually the sound of taps echoed across camp while devotionals came to a close in prayer. It was another fantastic day here at Camp Timberlake, in our mountains veiled in Mystic Loveliness.

In Christ,

Austin Snively

Counselor of Greybeard