What another wonderful day for the men of Timberlake! Many of our campers awoke very excited and motivated after the Little Chief ceremony the night before. During Little Chief, many campers had received promotions and bars in their activities, showing that hard work pays off. It was a busy day for the men of Timberlake!

We started the day off with a delicious meal: french toast sticks and sausage links. After screaming our hearts out at the Morning Yell, we proceeded to Chapel where Brian Vspoke about who Jesus is.

We had two trips go out today; river rafting and a hike. The hikers walked more than 8 miles and summited each of the mountains that our cabins are named after (Tomahawk, Little Piney, Big Piney, Stomper’s Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty, and Graybeard). The trail was long but each of the boys did amazing! The rafting trip went on the Pigeon River, which was an awesome opportunity for some younger boys to enjoy the river and grow in their bonds with one another.

Jumping straight into our morning activities, John and Sean R. did spectacularly during their canoeing class, showing great improvement and leadership. Miles and Garrison B. also excelled today in their pottery class, where they were very helpful and kind. In AirSoft, Jesse C. and Jake H. showed tremendous leadership qualities and Ren G. got his double leg takedown in wrestling! In cooking the boys made some scrumptious mac and cheese (which foreshadowed lunch) and sliced apples on the grill (soooooo gooooood!)

It was a busy morning and replenishing energy was necessary. The men were ecstatic to see that mini corndogs and mac and cheese were being served for lunch! Yes! During lunch, the winner of the previous night’s activity (shaving cream war) was announced…EVERYONE! This activity was after the Little Chief ceremony, and it did not count towards either team. Don’t worry, this evening the activity will count, and the competition will be riveting!

After The Best Time (Rest Time), campers were eager to work on bars during free period. Carter B. opened up the lower tower to help those who were attempting to get their bronze and silver bars in climbing. Lucas O. is very close to bronze as he just learned his figure 8 follow-through knot. Joseph M. and Tommie completed bronze and Colby S. completed his Silver! Way to go guys! In the afternoon, Ryker R. celebrated his birthday today at the lake with his awesome cabin, Tomahawk.

During third and fourth periods, many campers completed bars in their activities. Today was the day for shooting activities as bars were earned in soccer, AirSoft, paintball, and archery. In soccer, Zach P, Colby S, Luke H, Hunter S, and Dylan G received their bronze bars. In AirSoft, Lucas O. completed his bronze requirements and Wyatt S. completed his bronze for paintball. Also in AirSoft, Jake H. and Jesse C. showed awesome leadership qualities, teaching and helping many of the younger campers. In Archery, Eli C. met the bronze requirements and Seamus G. and Jack B. are getting very close to their bronze.

What a day, what a day! So many campers were very motivated today and it paid off! Food was very needed after such an awesome day. At the dining hall, campers and staff enjoyed an amazing burrito casserole. The food was as good as ever today, but the men are not done yet as the Seminoles and Iroquois fight to win tonight’s evening activity. Goodnight from Camp Timberlake, we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow!

In Christ,

Connor A.

Climbing Instructor

Little Slaty Counselor

Proud Iroquois