June 20th

Today was another fantastic day at camp. The cabin of Big Piney slept outside at the Mark (the upper edge of camp overlooking the mountains) last night, and the cabin of Greybeard slept upat the shelter which is located near the summit and high above camp. All of Timberlake then started off the morning with a hearty breakfast of coffee cake, baked oatmeal, and peaches.

There were lots of highlights from activities today. Davis O. mastered his stern draws and prys in canoeing. Thomas I. helped his classmates build their rockets in rocketry. Mitchell G. was on fire in Archery and had several close groupings which earned him his bronze bar. Alberto C. had a great guitar class and learned a lot in his first day ever of guitar! Gus R. had a great mountain biking class and rode all over camp with his instructors. Coburn B. had a blast playing airsoft with his friends. Jason H. learned to wet exit in a kayak and loved every second of it. Warren D. and James K. baked snickerdoodles in their cooking class, and they turned out perfectly! Joseph A. had a blast in soccer where he played the game ‘World Cup’, and Grayson L. swam a 200m freestyle in his swimming class, which he was quite proud of.

All those activities were broken up by lunch of tacos in a bag, which is a camp favorite. Dinner this evening was Poppyseed chicken, a creamy chicken dish, with broccoli, bread, and chocolate cake for dessert. And now, all of camp is in our evening activity ‘Stealing Skins’, which resembles Capture the Flag, with a little bit of flag football thrown and is Seminoles vs. Iroquois vs. counselors.

Signing off,

Jameson E.

Canoeing instructor, Big Piney counselor, proud Iroquois