It’s the middle of the week and everyone here at camp is having a blast. Today was another fun and exciting day. From waking up to starting the day off with coffee cake and baked oatmeal to all the trips that went out today, it was a great day.

Campers had their 2nd day on their Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule and were able to immediately jump right into their activities. Rocketry and Pottery were hard at work with their creations, Archery and Riflery were hitting bullseyes, Swimming and Kayaking were splashing around in the lake, and Cooking made some amazing sliders. Many campers were able to grow in skill and proficiency at their activities as they had fun, made friendships, and worked on their bars.

Today we had FOUR trips head out today! Campers such as Sanders A., Dallas M., and Blake W. shredded the waters of Lake James on their Water-skiing trip. Tyson M., Davis R., Archie D., and David S. biked the backwoods on the Mountain Biking trip. A group of campers went out on a Backpacking trip and are enjoying the rolling hills and forests. And finally, campers such as Dash V., Brian S., Alex C., and William F. sped down white water on an awesome Kayaking trip.

Last night the Evening Activity was the ever so popular Pirate Ball! After a long and perilous journey across the high seas of Lake Dorris, the Seminoles rose their jolly rodger as victors while the Iroquois were left sunk. Tonight’s activity is Cabin Night. Each cabin will go off on their own having fun doing their own activity. Tomahawk and Little Piney will be zooming down the slip-n-slide, swimming in the lake, and sleeping up at the Mark tonight. Big Piney will be headed to the new property for a campout and party, and Stompers Knob will be having a great game of archery tag and roast some S’mores up at the council ring. Little Slaty will be having a radicle luau while Big Slaty will be playing Ultimate Frisbee and sleeping up at the shelter. Finally, campers in Greybeard will be playing Top Chef, a game where teams will cook any dish for a panel of judges and be given a score based off of the quality of their meal.

That’s about it for today folks! Stay posted for more news of what’s going on here at Timberlake.

Nicholas G.