Waking Up

The last full day of session 3A began with a foggy morning that turned into a bright sunny day with a bit of rain here and there. This didn’t stop the campers from having a wonderful time as usual. There was however a tinge of gloominess in the air as today would be their last full day at camp together with their friends.

The Day

The camp descended onto Tucker Inn for their first meal of the day; Geometry Breakfast. We started heading back up the hill to chapel. After singing a few new songs, Austin Snively told us about the time when he and his family went out for a week on their boat. Upon returning home, they noticed a slight rotten smell but didn’t think much of it. However, the persistence of the stench started to become alarming, so they checked around to find the source. After searching for a short while, the realization that their game freezer was unplugged hit them like a brick. Someone must have kicked it by accident and unplugged it. Inside were the rotten remains of last week’s game. What a pleasant surprise. Austin and his brother Tyler were given the privilege of cleaning out the freezer. They were not able to finish cleaning out the freezer and required the help of their father. This story is a symbol of how we are not able to clean up our own mess and require the help of Jesus to cleanse our sins.

The boys devoured the pizza at lunch, leaving nothing behind

The excitement grew stronger and stronger when Winston H. announced the evening activity. Little chief and commando. The boys enthusiastically dashed back to their cabins to throw on their tribal jerseys and head on up to the archery range.


Little Chief


There were a multitude of bars earned this week.

Earning a gold bar is never easy and is not commonplace. It is the highest possible bar in a class and deserves to be recognized. William F. and Chancellor R. managed to pull off their gold in rocketry! Shooting his way up to victory is Christian S, who was able to get his gold in soccer! Up at the mark, Geoffrey M. and Harper C. earned their gold in Fencing!




Camper: Benjamin C.

Counselor: Sanders A.


Little Piney

Camper: Patrick M., Davis P., Porter S.

Counselor: Porter S., Patrick M.


Big Piney

Camper: John Porter S., Hayes L, Owen W

Counselor: Hayes L., Owen W., Blake W.


Stomper’s Knob

Camper: Jake T. Andres D.

Counselor: Mason J. Jack G.


Little Slaty

Camper: William F., Cole S.

Counselor: Chancellor R., David R.


Big Slaty

Camper: Alexander C., Aiden G., Charles S.

Counselor: Archie D., Carson H., Jake K.



Camper: Harper C., Charlie D., Bennett D.

Counselor: Parker C., Josh K.

The Evening

3A goes out with a bang with commando as the final evening activity. The guys end the session strongly with an epic water balloon battle up on Spencer’s Green.

The final campfire concluded another great session at Timberlake.


Signing off,

Alex S

Best CIT

Best tribe (Go noles)