Today was a beautiful day here today at camp Timberlake. campers awoke to a cloudless North Carolina sky a cool blue ridge breeze , and a beautiful mountain view. For breakfast today campers ate a Sunday favorite , Cinnamon rolls. Afterward 3B campers participated in the first morning yell of the session. During chapel our camp director John M. told a funny story to show how God works in our life. Then cabins began the first day of cabin cleanup for the ultimate prize of the golden plunger.

Morning activities began with safety talks today as campers began to learn my new skills. Dale G. and Geoffrey M. worked as a team in backpacking to move across the low ropes course. The boys in air soft enjoyed their safety talks and are super pumped for gameplay on Tuesday. Pottery began working with clay this morning and they are very excited to start on the wheel later in the week. For lunch the boys ate yummy grilled cheese and ham sandwiches.

This afternoon Timberlake really enjoyed the first day of trading post. many campers played 3 on 3 basketball during their free time as well. some of the other boys played in an ultimate frisbee tournament up on spencer green.

later in the afternoon Timberlakers went back to enjoying their activities. Dylan C. got one grouping closer to getting his silver in Riflery. canoeing learned their strokes and also worked on technical ones before playing some games. Presley said he “didn’t sign up for backpacking”. however after a short hike up to the Tomahawk shelter he said “Im glad to be in this class , this was beautiful”. Enrique D. , Henn F-P. , Cole S. , Geoffrey M. , and Drew J. went Mountain biking at Dupont today , and all did really well.

For dinner Timberlake enjoyed Fried chicken , mashed potatoes , and green Beans. Then in the evening the tribes competed for the banner by playing behind enemy lines , and Hogball , both of which were new games for the campers. Both tribes had an exciting time playing them. later the campers went back to their cabins and enjoyed spending time together as cabin. then it was off to bed and ready for another exciting day at camp.