Campers arose on another cool mountain morning here at Camp Timberlake. We rubbed our eyes and headed down for a tasty breakfast of sausage patties, eggs, seasoned potatoes, and biscuits. Once our stomachs were filled we shuffled outside for an energetic morning yell led by staff members Grant H. and Winston H. After making our presence known to the mountain wilderness, we sang and heard a true story at the chapel with John M. We learned how our Heavenly Father comes and rescues us from the evils of this world and guides us along the right path.

Once we tidied up our cabins, it was time to start another adventure-filled day at Timberlake.
We had some awesome trips head out this morning! Mountain biking spent the whole morning exploring the trails around Camp Timberlake and honing in on their skills. The guys on that trip were Ashton A, William E, Matt H, Owen M, and Hayden R. We also had a kayaking trip on the Tuckasegee with campers William B, Thomas H, Merrick C, Scott K, and Nate S. Last but certainly not least, we had a white water rafting trip go out as well! Harrison C, Daniel H, Reid P, James R, Carson W, Bryant C, Barrett C, Trell P, Juan Jose L, and Pierce H. had a blast sending the rapids out on the river!

We had a blast here at camp as well! Henry O is centimeters away from completing his first roll in a kayak. Something I have never been able to accomplish after years of effort! Henry K and Quinn earned five 10yd groupings in archery, well on their way to earning another bar in that activity. Dylan G is also closing in on another bar in archery as he hit his 15 yd requirements today. Way to go guys!!

After a fun-filled morning, we ran up to the Tuck for a much-needed lunch pit-stop! We munched heartily on chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and fruit salad! Not a stomach was left unfilled. We thanked the kitchen staff in typical TL fashion… by chanting. It was awesome. Turtleback and Hawksbill dominated cabin clean-up today and the tribal points were split as the Golden Eagles won Ultimate Basketball and the Black Bears won California Kickball.

After a quick nap, campers had some free time around camp. The clothing room was open for our 1-week guys to stock up on some extra “timber swag” and a free swim was enjoyed thoroughly by the cabins of Huckleberry and Finch’s Landing. It was the perfect day for it.

The bugle sounded, and all the guys made their way to afternoon activities. Daniel W finished his rocket and gave it an awesome paint job. Can’t wait for launch day! Richard B is picking up the game of disc golf quickly and shot a very impressive 4 under par on our 18 hole course! I’m gonna have to challenge him during my free time one day. The guys in pottery were given some “free sculpt” time to get the creative juices flowing. Ryland S created a highly intricate “monster” sculpture that impressed pottery counselor Jonah O.

Dinner time came, and we devoured the delicious turkey, cheesy potatoes, and salad. As usual, the red helmet was donned by tonight’s “sultan of fun” and a massive game called “Age of Empires” was announced. We will eagerly wait for lunch tomorrow to find out who won! As I type, the sun is going down on another epic day here at Timberlake. Campers are getting cleaned up and rested for another go-around tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what new adventures campers will have!

Time for taps!

Winston Horn
Proud Golden Eagle