The day started with a delicious breakfast casserole that consisted of sausage, eggs, and cheese. We made our way to the Chapel, where we sang some great chapel songs. We then heard a true story from John Menendez about the time when he dented his high school car. Next, we bolted to the cabins for cabin cleanup. Today was a great day for cleaning, with big scores around camp. Greybeard took the cake, despite having many campers on trips.

We moved on to our morning activities. In Rocketry, Sam W. got his Silver with a super-high launch. Eli F. made a super-awesome spare parts rocket that flew across the camp. In Riflery, Sam C. got his Bronze, and Jack V. got a very impressive grouping. A tournament was held in Fencing, with Garret S. winning. He’s now one step closer to his Gold.
Today, we had three big trips go out. Mountain Biking went riding with William B, Richard B, Bryant C, Ben C, and Miles S. Climbing had a great time with Harrison C, William E, Gus A, Ryker R, Spencer V, Ben H, Wright G, and Will R. Also, Rafting hit the river with Will A, Bryce B, Benjamin C, Jack D, Cole G, Samuel H, Greg S, Peter Q, Adam K, Sterling S, Charles T, Garrett S, and Merrick C.

After some huge leaps in our activities, we were pretty hungry. We feasted on pizza casserole for lunch. It’s a tasty combination of pizza and pasta, leading to the ultimate Italian cuisine. Stompers Knob were big fans, getting seconds three times!

Our afternoon classes were a blast. We all worked hard for bars, but not without taking time to relax. Paws and Pottery both had a great time today. Guitar went over the G, C, and D chords; we’re almost ready to play at Chapel! Tennis had some super-intense games and Basketball was a slam-dunk!

We sat down for a tantalizing dinner of barbecue chicken, baked potatoes, and salad. It was scrumptious! Our dessert was the ever-popular Oreo dream, which is a great pudding. We were all on the edge of our seats during the announcements. With a thunderous roar, we learned of tonight’s evening activity — Ninja Training! It’s an epic game of sneaking and stealth, where the most undetectable find glory. A Timberlake Classic.

Tonight, we tucked into bed and heard a special story – the Legend of Cowboy Joe. Knowing what is to come tomorrow, we fell asleep in deep anticipation of what’s to come. Today was a huge day and tomorrow is going to be even better. Camp is great!

Thomas Williams, Rocketry, Stompers Knob