A day of rest and relaxation is much appreciated, even here at camp! That doesn’t mean we didn’t get into all sorts of fun though. The boys were grateful for their extra hour of sleep and rolled down to breakfast fully energized and ready for a great Sunday at camp. We took down as many cinnamon rolls, diced cantaloupe, blueberries, and chocolate milks that we could handle.

We took a little extra time for Sunday chapel too. We sang a few more songs and instead of hearing a true story from one of the counselors, they stood up and prayed for their cabin and any requests their boys may have made.

After chapel, it was off to cabin cleanup! It was a good day for most of the guys but someone had to come in first. Today it was a tie for 1st with cabins Big Slaty and Further Up doing a great job of cleaning and organizing. Way to set an example, guys! The race for The Golden Plunger is still very much up for grabs! Stay tuned for updates…

We had a lovely day hike go out to Tom Creek Falls! Campers Tristan L., CJ R., Alexis B., Ben G., Baylor P., and Ben P., had a great time exploring around the falls and hiking through nature.

Back at camp, we had some sweet tournaments happening. Whether it was fort building, frog catching, Sunday at The Masters, or sandcastle building, the boys enjoyed getting to choose their adventures for the morning.

Lunchtime rolled around and we were all thrilled to walk into a fried chicken feast! Campers filled their bellies with mashed potatoes, green beans, and chicken. To top it all off we even had a dessert of apple turnovers! What a great meal. The only option for our next activity was the best hour, rest hour.

Once the feast had settled in our stomachs, we spent the afternoon free swimming, hanging out in hammocks, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Around 5:30 our awesome senior staff came around to the cabins and delivered a delicious meal of pizza, caesar salads, and watermelon for the boys to fuel up for the evening’s events. Once we all had our fair share it was time for Vespers! We hurried down to the beach to see what hilarious skits and awesome songs the skit committee and Black Mountain Oysters had for us this week. Campers from improv class and Greybeard graced us with their flair for the dramatic and Ping and Pong even made an appearance! They play table tennis. We sang and laughed and heard a true story from our awesome director, John.

The Sultan came up following the acts and announced that we would be playing Gold Rush!!! It’s been years and years since we played this one at Timberlake but all the guys had a blast searching for gold around camp and avoiding the “bandits” trying to stop them in their expeditions. Tune in tomorrow for results!

As I type campers are getting clean and rested up for another action-packed day at Timberlake. We’re so glad we get to share this incredible place with them!

Until next time,
Winston Horn
Proud Golden Eagle
Hotty Toddy