Goodmorning from Timberlake! This terrific Tuesday morning was accompanied by a slight drizzle. Never fear; there was a fantastic set of events and trips lined up for today that could not be stopped. Allow me to walk you through it!

We started the day with a loud and cheerful chapel that brightened up and motivated everyone to get the day off to a booming start. Speaking of a great ka-boom, at riflery today, the boys got to shoot at steel targets instead of the regular paper ones! Also, Spencer M. got a grouping, putting him one step closer to a bar in riflery.

Shooting over to field sports, Tyler L. and Thomas R. hit the mark on their bronze medals. Also, at The Mark, Thatcher S., and Greg S. dribbled their way to bronze medals in basketball, but that’s not all. Thatcher S. and Greg S. crossed over and hit a three-pointer for their silver medals. Splashing three-pointers wasn’t the only thing; splashing through puddles and hitting forehands and backhands, Eli T. volleyed his way to a bronze medal in tennis.

Swinging over to climbing and making sure everyone was safe, David F. did a fantastic job. He made sure that all of the climbers were in good hands by doing a great job on belay. Safely on belay, Wright G. climbs the slippery handholds on his way to his bronze medal!

Seeking some cover from the drizzle outside, the guitar class strummed away in the chapel. Now let me tell you, there weren’t any D- chords here because Charles, Tristan, and Wyatt played their way to their bronze medals.

Despite the rain, the class of mountain bikers rode carefully down the steep mountainous trails as they rode around Spyglass. Looking down from Spyglass, and completely unaffected by the rain around them, the kayaking group worked hard on their rolls. While the kayakers were rolling around in the lake, a kayaking trip and a rafting trip were out rolling in the rivers, soaking up the warm rain and cool waters.

Coming to the end of our day, the sun finally peeks its head out as we head up to The Mark for an evening activity of battle ball! After a ferocious battle that was determined by barely a game! The Black Bears pull out the victory and lead the camp to wonder who will be putting their name up in history on the renowned banner. Camp Timberlake is one step closer to finding out!

The proud accomplishments and the fantastic achievements of the campers are the reason that rainy days like today do not impact the uplifting attitude of camp! And as we always say in our morning yell, “We are one camp; TIM-BER-LAKE”

Signing off
Scottie Huger
Swimming Instructor
Golden Eagle