The second Session is off to a flying start here at Camp Timberlake! Welcome to the Camp Timberlake blog. Each night we will share an update on all the great stuff that happened at camp that day. We hope that these articles, along with the daily pictures, will give our families a glimpse of the world your boys are experiencing here at Timberlake. We’ll teach you some of our favorite games, describe (in vivid detail) some of our favorite foods, and give you a chance to walk alongside us as we grow through friendship and adventure all session long. 

Opening Day is kind of like Christmas for camp directors. Months of planning culminate in happy greetings and big smiles all day long. It was wonderful getting to meet so many new families and welcoming back so many familiar ones as well. Campers got settled in throughout the morning and then enjoyed a pack-out picnic lunch with their cabin. 

In the afternoon, we all enjoyed a dip in our lake for swim check and then headed to tribal initiation. We have two great tribes here at Timberlake, the powerful Golden Eagles, and the mighty Black Bears. On a camper’s first day at camp, he is initiated into one of our two tribes, and he becomes a part of that tribe and family for life. It’s an exciting celebration and an important milestone for each new Timberlake boy. Today we initiated an outstanding new group of warriors, each one ready to help their tribe compete for the ultimate prize at camp: the Banner. 

Our new Golden Eagles are:

Clark B, Charles C, Luke F, Preston H, James H, Carson K, James M, Ryan M, Jackson M, Aidan P, Will P, Andrew R, Trace S, Charlie S, Radford w, and Sky W. 

Our new Black Bears are:

Thomas C, Carter C, Eli G, Giles H, Luke H, Hudson L, Kasen M, Jake O, Francesco P, Nicholas P, Benjamin P, Larkin R, Dylan W, and Ryder W. 

After a delicious dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and apple turnovers for dessert, the first evening activity of the session was announced: Sock War! If you’ve never played sock war, picture a giant capture-the-flag style game where you throw a balled-up sock to tag opponents ‘out,’ and you can kind of get the idea. As I type this I can hear the sounds of battle ringing out as the boys play hard to try and secure the Sock War victory. 

As we head into what will be an amazing two weeks, I am struck by just how fortunate we are to have such a great group of campers here. I’ve already seen them making new friends, welcoming new boys, laughing, and just enjoying camp life together. We’re excited to watch these guys grow throughout the session and are thankful for the wonderful families that are sharing them with us!

Until next time, 

John Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake for Boys

Proud Golden Eagle