The third Session is officially underway! Things are off to a flying start here at Camp Timberlake as all our campers jump into what will be an amazing session here at camp. This nightly blog and our daily photo uploads will serve as a window into the world all your boys are experiencing here at Camp Timberlake. You’ll hear about daily activities and trips, learn about our tribal competitions, and hear which tribe emerges victorious each night. You’ll learn some of the ‘language’ of camp so that when your campers return home talking about Commando, El Presidente, or Tribabpalooza, you’ll know what they mean! We’ll also be sure to keep you updated on the quest for the Golden Plunger, awarded to the cleanest cabin at camp, as well as painting a verbal picture of all the culinary delights the boys are enjoying courtesy of our amazing kitchen staff. 

But more than sharing daily news on the most popular cereals at breakfast or desserts at dinner, our hope is that the blogs and pictures will give our families a sense of what makes Camp Timberlake so special. We are grateful for the opportunity to care for your sons this session and appreciate you sharing them all with us. 

One of the highlights of Opening Day is tribal initiation. All of the camp is divided into two tribes, the Golden Eagles and the Black Bears. All of our first-year campers find out what tribe they will be in during our initiation ceremony. Once you are initiated into your tribe, you are in that tribe for life. As a director, seeing our returning boys welcoming in the new members of the tribes is particularly special. This afternoon we initiated a great group of warriors, ready to jump in and compete with their tribe. 

Our new Golden Eagles are: Foster A, Colin B, Colin C, Hayes C, Mac D, William F, Oliver H, Elijah H, Thomas L, Sam M, Harris N, Woodson R, Patrick S, William S, James V, Luca V, and Samuel W. 

Our new Black Bears are: Alex A, Beckett B, William B, Thomas C, Miles C, Henry D, William G, Jeb H, Eric H, David K, Cameron L, Brooks L, Elijah M, Owen M, Percy M, Graham P, Richard R, Mac S, Reid S, and  Wesley T. 

All session long our two tribes compete in legendary games to try and win the ultimate prize at camp: The Banner. As I type this our boys are currently playing the most legendary game of all: SOCK WAR! Picture a giant capture the flag style game where you throw balled-up socks at each other to get the other team out, and you can get the basic idea. The boys are playing hard, and we’ll find out tomorrow at lunch which tribe secured the win. 

Be sure to check back in tomorrow evening for more updates from Timberlake. We are so excited to have everybody here, and we can’t wait to get started on a full session of growth through friendship and adventure. 


Director, Camp Timberlake

Proud Golden Eagle