We’re off once again for another excellent day at Camp Timberlake! The boys rushed to the Tuck for a hearty breakfast of french toast, bacon, and fresh fruit. Soon after, we headed to chapel, and a whopping three trips went out on adventures! Starting with our second annual Catawba Falls pottery trip, the boys had the chance to hike to the beautiful waterfall and create clay pottery in a peaceful environment. The trip included Aubrey S, Oliver M, Daniel A, Caleb D, Ford B, Eiji T, Evan H, and Andres D. Additionally, we had one of our white water rafting trips go out which included Benjamin A, Hudson S, Peyton S, Grant S, Freddy V, William S, Grady R, Patrick B, and Spencer V. Our last trip was a backpacking trip to Babel Tower, an excellent spot for beautiful views of the Linville River and swimming! The boys on that trip were Charlie W, Rees R, Ryland K, Lance K, Christian S, Lowry S, Jackson G, and Cole S.

While our trips got out, our campers back at Timberlake began their morning activities! In backpacking this morning, the boys learned the fundamentals of craftsmanship in the backwoods. Graham W. learned how to tie a marlinspike to create a rope ladder! Down at the lake, our swimming class excelled in their strokes, and they enjoyed a free swim at the end of class. Richard B. earned his Silver in Swimming this morning! As activities came to a close, we headed to lunch for a yummy dish of pizza casserole. At lunch, Winston H. announced the winner of last night’s evening activity of Pirate Ball. THE BLACK BEARS!

As our afternoon began, Campers enjoyed a relaxing rest time. Then, free time where they had the opportunity to get a snack and a drink at the trading post. Campers got to participate in certain activities to work on bars. Soon after, campers started their second batch of activities where Eiji T. shot standing in riflery en route for his gold bar in the class! Additionally, Henry OByers N, and Declan Q earned their Bronze bar in Basketball. On the waterfront, the canoeing class took out the voyager canoe, and they worked on their strokes as well as the art of communication. In Kayaking, Walker C and Spencer V worked hard at achieving their roll in the kayak.

For dinner, we enjoyed barbecue chicken with potatoes, corn, and rolls! Most importantly, for dessert, we had chocolate cake. For evening activities tonight, Junior camp will be playing El Presidente, and Senior Camp will have Cabin Night, a special night for each cabin to spend quality time with each other. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap of another amazing day at camp!

Until Tomorrow, 

Adam Viener

Finch’s Landing Counselor

Fitness Instructor

Proud Black Bear