Happy LDOC! No better way to celebrate everyone’s time and achievements at camp than a final campfire. To start off this campfire, we like to recognize boys who have received camper and counselor commendations. These commendations recognize campers who demonstrated growth and leadership qualities among their peers.

Congratulations to the following boys:

Finch’s Landing:

Camper- Matthew G., Cole G.

Counselor- Fritz S., Matthew G.

Further Up:

Camper- Tommy F., Will N.

Counselor- Connor B., Liam T.

Further In:

Camper- Reid S., Nick D.

Counselor- Reid S., Nick D.


Camper- Wyatt F., Duke S.

Counselor- Colton R., Alec W.


Camper- Beckett B., Owen S.

Counselor- Theo T., Heath B.

Little Piney:

Camper- Max K.

Counselor- George P.

Stomper’s Knob:

Camper- EJ B., Quinn S.

Counselor- Maverick H., Rhett C.

Big Slaty:

Camper- Andres D.

Counselor- Aidan H.


Camper- Lucas Z., Cole S.

Counselor- Lucas Z., Cole S., Daniel A.

Congratulations to the following boys for honor camper:

Finch’s Landing- William E.

Further Up- Liam T.

Further In- Kieran S.

Hawksbill- Duke S.

Turtleback- Owen S.

Little Piney- Matthew A.

Stomper’s Knob- Davis O.

Little Slaty- Ford B.

Big Slaty- Ryland K.

Greybeard- Sam C.

Now to recognize the boys who were elected as tribal elections. These boys were elected by their peers to lead them in a race for the banner.

Congratulations to the following boys:

Black Bears:

Chief- Lowry S.

Elder- Ryland K.

Lookouts- Alec W., Steele G.

Golden Eagles:

Chief- Christian S.

Elder- Lance K.

Lookouts- Theo T., Turner B.

Up next we honor campers who have excelled and improved extraordinarily in their activities.

Congratulations to the following boys:


Improved- Davis O.

Outstanding- Tyler S.


Improved- Peter Q.

Outstanding- Matthew A.


Improved- Bo S.

Outstanding- Alexander S.


Improved- Andres D.

Outstanding- Ryland K.


Improved- Bay J.

Outstanding- Elliot S.


Improved- Lance K.

Outstanding- Connor B.

Disc Golf:

Improved- Carson B.

Outstanding- Lucas Z.


Improved- Will H.

Outstanding- Lucas Z.

Field Sports:

Improved- Cole R.

Outstanding- Andres D.


Improved- Enzo R.

Outstanding- Matthew A.


Improved- Oliver M.

Outstanding- Andres D.


Improved- Maverick H.

Outstanding- Spencer V.


Improved- Maverick H.

Outstanding- Spencer V.


Improved-  David C.

Outstanding- Ford B.

Mountain biking:

Improved- Rhett C.

Outstanding- Ford B.


Improved- Owen S.

Outstanding- Noah S.


Improved- Andres D.

Outstanding- Cole S.

To finish out this ceremony the Sultan of Fun Winston H. announced the winner of the banner. Drum Roll Please! Golden Eagles!

Signing Off,

Natalie Custer

PAWS Instructor

Proud Golden Eagle