There are really no words to capture how bittersweet the final day of a camp session feels. It has been an amazing two weeks; jam-packed with friendships, adventure, and just plain fun. Tonight we gathered as a camp community to celebrate all of the growth that has happened throughout this session: bars, marks, and camper commendations. A full list of the campers we recognized is posted below. As we remind each camper after these ceremonies, however, we have seen each and every person grow in tangible ways regardless of whether or not we call his name during the final campfire. Camp is beautiful for many reasons, but especially because it is a place where each camper discovers more of who he is and the specific gifts God has given him, and we celebrate this together. 


Until next summer!

Catherine Menendez

Director, Camp Timberlake




Finch’s Landing
Counselor: Fritz S., Walker S.

Camper: Fritz S., Pierce S. 


Further Up

Counselor: Henry T., Harry K.

Camper: John H., Matthew G.


Further In

Counselor: Liam T., Ben W.

Camper: Liam T., Tommy F., Carson B.



Counselor: Cole R., Jack C.

Camper: Jack S., Aidan M.


Little Piney

Counselor: Zach M., Reid S.

Camper: Chris J., Reynolds A.


Big Piney

Counselor: David H., Owen S.

Camper: Theo T., John M.


Stomper’s Knob

Counselor: Jonah N., Will R.

Camper: Matthew A., Bay J., Eli V.


Little Slaty

Counselor: Declan Q., Joe L.

Camper: Quinn S., EJ B.


Big Slaty: 

Counselor: Aidan K., Peter Q.

Camper: Ford B., Marcos C.



Counselor: Ferdinand B., Aiden H.

Camper: Bo S., Ryland K.


LC Promotions 



Jack C. 

William H.

Rigby K. 

Harry K. 

Ross M. 

Tyler R. 

Walker S. 

Henry T. 

Nick VS



Liam B.

Tommy F.

John H.

Bennett J.

Fritz S.



Jack S.



Carson B.


Tracker – 

Heath B.

John M.

Jonah N.

Eli V.



Oliver G.

Joe L.

Geo PC

Will R.



Ferdinand B.


Bay J.

Thomas M. 

Quinn S.

Max W.


Little Chief-

Elliot S.

Ryland K. 

Bo S. 




Will R. airsoft Bronze
David E. Airsoft Bronze
John H. Airsoft Bronze
Oliver G. Airsoft Bronze
Davis O. Airsoft Gold
Thomas M. Airsoft Gold
Matthew A. Airsoft Silver
Theo T. Airsoft Silver
Bay J. Airsoft Silver
Ferdinand B. Archery Bronze
Liam T. Archery Bronze
Theo T. archery Bronze
Ferdinand B. archery Silver
John H. Backpacking Bronze
Bradley J. Backpacking Bronze
Max M. Backpacking Bronze
Henry T. Backpacking Bronze
Thomas M. Backpacking Silver
Quinn S. Backpacking Silver
Lewis S. basketball Bronze
Turner B. Basketball Bronze
John H. basketball Bronze
Sims R. basketball Bronze
Stephen G. Basketball Bronze
Chris B. Basketball Bronze
Conner P. Basketball Bronze
Theo T. basketball Gold
Cole R. basketball Gold
Will N. Basketball Silver
Heath B. Basketball Silver
Bay J. Basketball Silver
Carson B. basketball Silver
Tommy F. basketball Silver
Lewis S. basketball Silver
David E. Canoeing Bronze
Zach J. Canoeing Bronze
Andrew St. J. Canoeing Bronze
Reynolds A. Canoeing Bronze
Andreas D. Canoeing Bronze
Bay J. Canoeing Gold
Ferdinand B. Climbing Bronze
Lewis S. CLimbing Bronze
Cooper E. Climbing Bronze
Laban C.G. Climbing Bronze
Davis O. Climbing Silver
Max W. Climbing Silver
Matthew A. Climbing Silver
Bay J. Climbing Silver
Evans T. Disc Golf Bronze
Bradley J. Disc Golf Bronze
Andres D Disc Golf Bronze
Nick V.S. Disc Golf Bronze
Tyler R. Diving Bronze
Reid S. Diving Bronze
Will H. Diving Bronze
Jonah N. Diving Bronze
Andrew S.J. Diving Bronze
Laban CG Diving Bronze
Brooks B. Diving Bronze
Andrew S.J. Diving Silver
Owen S. Fencing Bronze
Jack H. Fencing Bronze
John H. Fencing Bronze
Isaac R. Fencing Bronze
Jack H. Fencing Bronze
Rigby K. Fencing Bronze
Alex M. Fencing Bronze
Tyler R. Fencing Bronze
Owen S Fencing Bronze
Thomas H. Fencing Bronze
Aiden M. Fencing Bronze
Stephen G. Fencing Bronze
Cash K. Fencing Bronze
Luca V. Fencing Bronze
Jack S. Fencing Bronze
Wyatt B. field sports Bronze
Henry B. field sports Bronze
Jack C. field sports Bronze
Franklin J. field sports Bronze
Connor P. field sports Bronze
Turner B. field sports Bronze
Bennett J. field sports Bronze
Zach M. field sports Bronze
Joncarlos P field sports Bronze
Nick V.S. field sports Bronze
Stephen G. field sports Bronze
Boone K. field sports Bronze
Jack C. field sports Bronze
Cooper E. Field sports Bronze
Henry T. field sports Bronze
Benjamin W. field sports Bronze
Thomas M. field sports Bronze
franklin P. field sports Bronze
Ferdinand B. field sports Gold
Turner B. field sports Silver
Elliot S. field sports Silver
Will R. Field sports Silver
Boone K. field sports Silver
thomas M. field sports Silver
Will S. Fitness Bronze
Davis O. Fitness Bronze
Isaac R. Fitness Bronze
Ford B. Fitness Gold
Bo S. Fitness Gold
John M. Fitness Gold
Will S. Fitness Silver
Davis O. FItness Silver
Isaac R. Fitness Silver
Peyton S.l Guitar Bronze
Owen S. Guitar Bronze
Jonah N. Guitar Silver
Ryland K. Improv Gold
Elliot S. Improv Gold
Bo S. Improv Gold
Andres D. Improv Gold
Will R. Kayaking Bronze
Cooper E. Kayaking Bronze
Oliver M. Kayaking Bronze
Andres D. Kayaking Bronze
Joe L. Kayaking Gold
Ford B. Kayaking Gold
Oliver G. Kayaking Silver
Max W. Kayaking Silver
Matthew S.J. mountain biking Bronze
Boone K. Mountain Biking Bronze
Turner B. Mountain biking Bronze
Reid S. Mountain biking Bronze
Will S. Mountain Biking Gold
Reynolds A. Mountain Biking Silver
Evans T. mountain biking Silver
Matthew SJ Mountain Biking Silver
Cooper E. Paintball Bronze
Theo T. Riflery Bronze
Liam T. Riflery Bronze
Hudson S. Riflery Bronze
Jonah N. Riflery Bronze
Cooper E. Riflery Bronze
Liam B. Riflery Bronze
Cooper E. Riflery Bronze
Liam B. Riflery Bronze
Andres D. Riflery Bronze
Boone K. Riflery Bronze
EJ B. Riflery Gold
Matthew A. Riflery Gold
Ferdinand B. Riflery Silver
Ryland K. Riflery Silver
Jack C. Rocketry Bronze
Mac G. Rocketry Bronze
Micah G. Rocketry Bronze
Thomas H. Rocketry Bronze
Thomas H. Rocketry Bronze
Blake S. Rocketry Bronze
Jonah N. Rocketry Bronze
Lucas R. Rocketry Bronze
Tyler R. Rocketry Bronze
Pierce S. Rocketry Bronze
Kaito T. Rocketry Bronze
Rigby K. Rocketry Bronze
Connor L. Rocketry Bronze
Laban C.G. Rocketry Bronze
Max K. Rocketry Bronze
Alex M. Rocketry Bronze
Will N. Rocketry Bronze
Reid S. Rocketry Bronze
Tag A. Rocketry Bronze
Gage S. Rocketry Bronze
Eli V. Rocketry Bronze
Bo S. Rocketry Gold
Quin S. Rocketry Gold
Thomas M. Rocketry Gold
Bay J. Rocketry Gold
Theo T. Rocketry Gold
Ross M. Rocketry Silver
Hunter L. Rocketry Silver
Heath B. Rocketry Silver
Geo P.C. Rocketry Silver
Alex W. Swimming Silver
Ferdinand B. Swimming Silver
Jack S. Swimming Bronze
Nick VS Swimming Bronze
Carson B. Tennis Bronze
Kaito T. Tennis Bronze
Matthew A. Tennis Bronze
David E. Tennis Bronze
Mathew A. Tennis Bronze
Will R. Tennis Bronze
Oliver G. Tennis Silver
Carson B. Tennis Silver
Kaito T. Tennis Silver
David E. Tennis Silver
Aidan M. Wrestling Bronze
Quinn S. Wrestling Gold