As the sound of the bugle echoed around the property, restless campers sprung from bed eager to start a new day all screaming “IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES” After being fueled by a hardy meal of waffle sticks, bacon, and an assortment of fruit; we lifted our voices to the heavens with the morning yell. Then, we went to chapel where we sang one of my personal favorites “In his Name.” Catherine then gave a wonderful true story. She was lost in a castle and overcome with fear before she heard her dad’s voice echoing through the halls. Through this story she answered the question of “Who is Man?” by harping on the fact that man is lost without God’s guidance. From there, we went to clean our cabins as the race for the golden plunger was heating up.

As the bugle rang, we were off to our classes where campers were already exemplifying strong growth and accomplishment. In less than a minute, Alan W. got his bronze in guitar. Sounds like a prodigy to me. On the climbing wall, campers were screaming, “I’M A MOUNTAIN MAN” as they reached the top. At field sports, Robert I. was able to complete his bronze requirements for the soccer portion.

While all of this was going on in the morning, we had two trips. Noah P., Hugh W., Kenny C., David F., Wesley S., Case M., and Wilson B. all kayaked the lower Green in preparation for some more intense trips later in the session. Loren C., Alston M., Gaurav P., Henry V., Ben W., and Will W. enjoyed a peaceful fly-fishing trip learning how to properly cast and best imitate the movement of such a sporadic insect.

After an eventful morning, the bell was rung, and everyone funneled into the dining hall for lunch. We were greeted by some wonderful pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans. Towards the end of the meal was a roller coaster of emotions for me personally. Our “Sultan of Fun” Henry B. announced the winner of last night’s game of Mission Impossible (Drumroll…) The GOLDEN EAGLES!!! An uproar of cheers rattled through the dining hall as they broke into their tribal hymn and chants. Sadly, I am a black bear. Thankfully, some positive news accompanied this meal with the announcement of junior camp free swim!!

Completely stuffed, we sauntered down to rest time for a quick recharge. From there, we charged down to the beach to enjoy a lovely free time full of trading post, gaga ball, and nine square. My go-to snack is red Gatorade with some Cheez-Itz. Then it was off to activities once again where Luke R. and Andrew T. perfected their wrestling stances and takedown moves. McKean K. ended up reeling in 3 fish in one class period. I think he needs to get a Bass Pro sponsorship immediately. Myers S. got two groupings in Riflery today as well even though it was his first time ever taking it here at camp!

Overall, today takes the cake for the best day of the session in my opinion. Of course, it had to be topped off with a camp classic evening activity of EL PRESIDENTÉ. Who won? I wish I could tell you. Tune in tomorrow to see what action Timberlake has in store.

Chancellor R.

Big Piney Counselor and Proud Black Bear