IMAGE CAPTION – Having fun at Timberlake

Welcome to Timberlake’s first online newsletter, Timbertales!

In all of my conversations with campers in the off-season I have noticed that the most frequently

asked question is, “Dan, what exactly do you do when the summer is over?” I usually respond with

some sort of tirade about how I practice my battleball skills in the Mike during freezing cold

conditions (not unlike Rocky before he fights the Russian and trains in the snow), or I just tell

them about how I wander the camp painted up in my Iroquois headdress randomly screaming the morning

yell. But all of that, of course, is just me trying to be funny and hasn’t happened but a couple of

times. The truth is that most of my time I have been traveling around the country with Stephen

Owens to introduce Timberlake to new families and potential new staff.

So what staff is returning?

Hopefully, we can get everyone from last summer back, but at this point we have definitely hired:

Zach Washburn (CIT Director), Stephen Owens, Joey Wang, Bryan Harris, James Michael Wilson Sanders,

Neal Cope, Matt Kilgore, Kevin Wolpert, Mike Denoia, and Chris Healy. Lots of the guys from last

year have told me that they want to return, so my suggestion for you campers is to give them a

call/email and beg them to sign up for next summer!

So what about the new CIT’s?

There are a few still in progress, but the definite guys right now are: Drew Andrews, Brian

Bush, Josh Platt, Thomas Gibson, Louis Liberatore, Brian David, and Todd Nowokunski.

Anything else?

Well, now that you mention it, we are in process of building a really sweet waterslide from the

road above the lake down into the lake through the Rhodo trees! Also on the building topic, we are

rebuilding the Canoe dock and updating Tigertooth’s walls and bathroom! Both should look great when


also: Stephen Owens never left camp and is still here helping us hire staff. Chris Galloway,

James Michael Wilson Sanders, Bryan Harris and Matt Altmix are all living here in Black Mountain

just right down the road from camp. Bryan and James are at Montreat, and Chris and Matt are working

in schools in Asheville. We all hang out and throw darts in the evenings. It is great to have them


I will be updating this news periodically so be sure to keep checking back!

Happy Camping!